24.06 2018 15:57h

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Social Media Went into Overdrive Documenting this Milestone Moment
Saudi Women Driving, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Women

The eyes of the world turned to Saudi Arabia this morning as the Kingdom ushered in a new era, lifting the ban on female drivers for the first time in its history. 

As you'd expect, all over the world today social media has been dominated by an ongoing celebration of the reform under the banner of #SaudiWomenDriving.

Here's how some of our favourite Saudi-based influencers documented this game-changing moment in their and their female counterparts lives...

Today, I’m beyond proud to see my #NicheGirls carpool together in a car where THEY are in the driver’s seat! #HeelToPedal As an employer, I’m even more excited because this means I don’t have to pay for transportation anymore, right? jk #NoMoreDriverAbuse lol #WomenDriving #TheFutureIsFemale #SaudiWomen #SaudiArabia #June24 #Vision2030 #Women2drive #SaudiWomenDriving #WomenCanDrive #SaudiFemaleDrivers اليوم فخورة جداً اني اشوف بنات #نيش_اريبيا مع بعض في الكاربول! من الكعب للدواسة! كصاحبة الشركة مبسوطة ان ما يحتاج ادفع مصروف مواصلات، صح؟ #قيادة_المرأة #سعوديات #السعودية #قيادة_المرأة_للسيارة_في_السعودية

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Congrats to all the Saudi women out there from everyone here ITP Live! Happy driving, ladies!


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