01.07 2018 16:37h

Guess where you can now buy Kylie Cosmetics?

Shop without leaving your favorite Story-sharing app
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Beauty addicts, we've got news...

You can now purchase Kylie Jenner's products directly from one of your favourite story-sharing apps.

Kylie Cosmetics fans can shop their favourite products in Snapchat - without leaving the app or being directed to a third-party website. 

That's right, Snapchat has officially extended its commerce expansion plans to a select number of influencers, who already sell their product online.

According to Digiday "Snapchat has released a new tool to appease its wavering influencer community. Following Snap’s big push into commerce, the company is now making its native commerce feature available to top creators."

This means you can swipe up on Kylie Jenner's Snap stories to buy her makeup, without having to exit the app. Fans that choose to shop Kylie Beauty this way, will then be directed to a sales page where they can add the products to their basket, before completing their purchase. 


"The experience is akin to the native commerce function Snapchat has in its own in-app store," Digiday reported. "Users add and can choose to save all their credit card and shipping information in Snapchat without having to go to another site."

With the recent launch of IGTV and Instagram's plan to become shoppable, Snapchat is doing everything it can to keep creators (and users) active on its platform. And while the app is currently testing the waters with Kylie Cosmetics, we know we can expect to see more influencers and their product lines shop-friendly within the app.

Would you shop directly within Snapchat? Or would you prefer to purchase from a brand's website? Let us know in the comments below.


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