17.07 2018 10:19h

Everything You Need To Know About KSI's Visit To Dubai

Only the best of the best for the British YouTuber
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You know it takes a lot to impress a YouTube sensation worth millions. 

But when KSI came to town, he was blown away.

This British YouTube superstar was in Dubai last month for the DSS Gaming Challenge - and he had quite the experience during his stay.

In between meeting fans, playing FIFA 19 and challenging the winners of the gaming competition at The Dubai Mall, KSI still had the chance to check out some of the finer things the Emirate has to offer its visitors.

From cruising around in supercars to staying in a luxury resort, here's exactly what he got up to when he was in Dubai.

KSI spent some time checking out luxury cars at the Deals on Wheels showroom.

"This is all too mad," he said, as he walked around the dealership and admired their selection of vehicles. And he was right, the dealership even had images of his face printed on a few of their cars.

Over-the-top? Nah.

KSI found it hilarious and eventually settled on driving a Rolls-Royce during his time in Dubai.

You can forget about budget-friendly accommodations.

KSI stayed at the Jumeirah Zabeel Saray Royal Residences, a luxury resort on the Palm. With gorgeous ocean views and private beaches, this resort is uber plush. 

Want to see more of the Royal Residences?

KSI gives a tour of the five-bedroom villa he shared with his crew, in his Dubai vlog below.

KSI spent most of Saturday, June 30 at the Dubai Mall.

The lucky winners of the DSS Gaming Challenge had a chance to play against him live-on-stage, along with other regional gaming influencers like Ahmed "DVLZGame" Al-Nasheet and Tareq AlHarbi. 

"My favorite game of all time has to be FIFA 12," KSI said in a recent interview with Shortlist Dubai.

"It was the game that truly started my YouTube career. I had tons of fun with it, especially doing my Race To Division One series on it."

And what about dinner?

KSI dined at restaurants Babel La Mer and Chez Charles.

Babel is a go-to location for some of the best Lebanese cuisine in Dubai, and Chez Charles offers delicious French dishes in Dubai's Design District.  


Needless to say, KSI was able to experience the best of the best Dubai had to offer when he was in town for the DSS Gaming Challenge. 

We're sure he's keen to come back very soon.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.


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