09.11 2019 10:33h

This App Can Make It Look Like You’re Abroad

Can't afford to travel but STILL want an amazing Insta-feed? Here's your solution
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Let’s face it, traveling is expensive – but it can make for some amazing Instagram photos.

If you can’t get the time off work or don’t have enough dirhams saved up for a holiday, yet STILL want to curate an envy-worthy feed, this new app can help you out. 

Krome Photos (a.k.a. Krome Studio) connects Photoshop whizzes with individuals who want to, ahem, edit their pictures to the extreme.

As in make-it-look-like-you’re-in-another-city extreme.

“We transform family, personal and corporate images with the easiest, fastest and most affordable photo editing service available,” the company says on its website. “Our customers say that the images we help them create drive engagement, influence, and sales.”

For about 44 AED a Krome “designer” will edit an image to make it look like you’re in the south of France, snorkeling in Thailand, or even on the moon!

All users need to do is share a picture of themselves and select a background from Krome’s LookBook, before placing the order via the app or on the company’s website. Background options include #LondonEngland #Dubrovnik, #Lisbon and dozens more.

Sneaky, sneaky!

While Krome can be a fun way to make it look like you’re a #SpaceExplorer (yes, this background is also an option) we don’t recommend it if you’re serious about keeping your Insta-feed authentic.

Last year British influencer Amelia Liana landed herself in hot water when it was found out she occasionally Photoshops herself into images of certain locations while traveling abroad.

While she did clarify to her followers that she sometimes “creates an image rather than actually taking [a picture of herself at the location] since it's visually more appealing” she also pointed out that she’s always visited the places she posts about.  

Influencers should always think carefully before drastically editing their images, but for your regular social media user Krome can be a fun way to fool your friends into thinking you’re in #hyperspace.

What are your thoughts? Would you drastically edit your photos for Instagram? Have you tried Krome?  Let us know in the comments below.    


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