29.07 2018 13:57h

Drama Is At An All-Time High Between KSI and Logan Paul

And there's an entire YouTube channel devoted to the upcoming fight, in case you can't keep up
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We knew it was going to be dramatic, but we didn’t think it would get this bad.

T-minus one month until YouTube superstars Logan Paul and KSI are due to duke it out in an amateur-style white-collar boxing event in the UK, and it’s getting nuclear between these two video creators.

Actions, not words #August25

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On July 18, Paul walked off stage during the press conference in London, UK when KSI made inappropriate comments about his girlfriend, actress Chloe Bennet.

In a video uploaded to his channel yesterday, the American YouTuber explained why he decided to abruptly leave the scene and why he is disappointed in his opponent’s choice of words.

“Before the London press conference, in what was a mature attempt to handle this professionally, I had my team send your team a message that I know for a fact was personally received by you,” Paul said, in the video that was uploaded yesterday.

He also felt the event was unfairly moderated and claimed KSI’s younger brother, Deji (who is due to fight his younger brother, YouTuber Jake Paul, in the undercard fight) was trying to incite violence against himself and his family.

“KSI, you are the exact person I am working not to become,” Paul said.

According to Arabian Business Liam Chivers, director of OP Talent Limited, which represents KSI, said there “is no contractual agreement between the fighters, to not say certain things about each other.”

“His partners and supporters are well aware of that and the true character and morals he abides by, so it’s disappointing that Logan is bringing up a very old indiscretion,” Chivers said.

“KSI only ever meant to poke fun at him and in no way condones or wants to be associated with the topic raised.”

While both creators have had their share of scandals in the past, Paul seems to be genuinely aggravated with the British superstar’s trash talk.

The fight between the two YouTube superstars is scheduled for Aug. 25 at the Manchester Arena in Manchester, UK.

It has caused so much drama between the two mega-influencers that there is now a separate YouTube channel, devoted entirely to video content leading up to the fight. 

Will you watch the fight on Aug. 25? Who are you supporting? Let us know in the comments below.


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