31.07 2018 12:28h

Tickets Are Officially On Sale for KSI vs. Logan Paul

And they're going fast!
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YouTube fanatics, we hope you’ve been saving up your dirhams.

Logan Paul and KSI are due to duke it out in a UFC-style amateur boxing match on Aug. 25 at the Manchester Arena – and ticket prices are through the roof!

As one netizen pointed out on Twitter “How [are KSI and Logan Paul] selling tickets for a boxing match and charging Anthony Joshua prices”?

As you can see, seats in the arena aren’t going for cheap, but tickets are selling fast and we’re sure the fight will be a sold out event.

And for those fans that want to watch the event from home?  They’ll need to pay approximately Dhs30 ($8 USD) in Pay-Per-View fees if they want to see the showdown.

It was originally thought that the fight would be streamed for free on YouTube, but KSI recently confirmed in a tweet that there would be a cost to watching him and Logan Paul duke it out.

Considering both Logan Paul and KSI are creators that make free content for their audiences to enjoy, and upload it to a free video-sharing platform (i.e. YouTube) it’s interesting to see that they’ll be charging fans to watch the biggest entertainment event of their careers.

KSI explained in a recent video what Pay-Per-View viewers can expect to gain out of paying to see their favorite creators go at it against each other in the ring.

His younger brother Deji (a.k.a. ComedyShortsGamer) will be fighting Logan Paul's younger brother, Jake Paul, on the undercard - along with other YouTube creators like JMX, FaZe Sensei, AnEsonGib, and Jay Swingler.

According to entertainment website dexerto.com the current undercard is as follows:

Deji (a.k.a. ComedyShortsGamer) vs. Jake Paul

AnEsonGib vs. Jay Swingler

JMX vs. Coach Richard

Call me Ham vs. Jrizzy Jeremy

MOMO vs. RossiHD

FaZe Sensei vs. overtflow

Rackaracka vs Scarce

"It is currently uncertain what the order of the fights will be, and the card could be subject to change if any of the contestants drop out," Dexerto reports.

As KSI rightly pointed out in his latest video, considering fans pay up to Dhs145 (approx. $40 USD) to watch an Anthony Joshua fight and up to Dhs240 (approx. $65 USD)  to watch Floyd Mayweather duke it out with his opponent Dhs30 is pretty good value for solid entertainment.

You can watch the KSI vs. Logan Paul fight on Pay-Per-View HERE on Aug 25.

Want to go to Manchester to see the action live? Interested in buying a ticket? They're currently on sale HERE.

What are your thoughts? Will you pay to watch the fight? Let us know in the comments below.    


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