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This Account Is Dedicated To All The "Instagram Boyfriends"

Amused by the @insta_repeat? Then you'll get a kick out of @boyfriends_of_insta
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Oh, the lengths influencers go to snap the perfect picture for their feed.

And we all know this (sometimes) means asking our loved ones to help us out when it comes to capturing that stellar, Insta-worthy photo - including our best friends, partners and, of course, boyfriends.

If you're guilty of always making your boyfriend or husband take photos of you specifically for your social media accounts, check out @boyfriends_of_insta. 

That's right, there's now an Instagram account entirely devoted to "Instagram boyfriends" (and husbands) taking pictures of their sweethearts for the 'gram. 

Try not to laugh too hard and check it out below.

Nobody cared who I was until I put on the skates #2xtreem #shredit

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Do rollerskates help snap a better picture? He might be on to something...

Star Wars: Return of the Influencer @jimmddd

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How many times have you seen this scene at Sheikh Zayed Mosque?


Anything for that perfect shot - even if it means taking in a mouthful of seawater. 

According to the Daily Mail "Some of the more outrageous images, which were collated by Bored Panda, show men laying on busy roads, climbing up trees and dangling above pools in a bid to capture the perfect shot."

Sounds a bit hazardous.

We're fully aware of the lengths professional photographers go in order to create their best work, so it makes sense that an influencer would want to go that extra mile in order to capture a great shot.

However, we aren't too sure if it's a good idea to put pressure on your loved ones to help you snap and/or film content for your social feeds.

Bottom line: if your significant other is happy to help out, then go for it.

If not, hire yourself a professional photographer and save your relationship the stress.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.   


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