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Bradley Martyn Challenges KSI To Punch Him In The Face

The fitness influencer weights in on the fight of the year in a recent video
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The tickets are on sale. There was mad drama at the press conferences.

Less than three weeks until it all goes down.

YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul are set to duke it out in a UFC-style amateur boxing match on Aug. 25 at the Manchester Area in the UK - and other YouTube creators have started weighing in on the fight.

While fellow superstar YouTuber PewDiePie shared his opinion on the KSI vs. Logan Paul fight - calling both creators scumbags - in a recently uploaded video - others had different ideas, when it comes to getting involved with the drama.

In a recent video, fitness influencer and YouTuber Bradley Martyn had Logan Paul punch him in the face before challenging KSI to do the same.

"I decided to get hit in the face by Logan Paul so I can find out first hand just how hard he hits," Martyn wrote, in the description box of the video. "I need KSI to punch me next so I can compare the strength of each fighter."

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You can watch the full video here but - *spoiler alert* - Martyn wasn't phased by Paul's punches.

Word is out on whether or not KSI will actually throw Martyn a punch in the mug any time soon, but keep an eye out here for more updates on all the news leading up to the KSI vs. Logan Paul fight.

"I need KSI to punch me next so I can compare the strength of each fighter." - Bradley Martyn, YouTuber and Fitness Influencer

Planning on watching the fight on Aug. 25?

It will cost you Dhs30 ($8 USD) if you plan on watching Pay-Per-View, and tickets aren't cheap.

Aside from KSI and Logan Paul going at it in the ring, YouTube fans can expect to see a number of creators duking it out on the last Saturday evening of the month.

According to entertainment website dexerto.com, the current undercard is as follows:

Deji (a.k.a. ComedyShortsGamer) vs. Jake Paul

AnEsonGib vs. Jay Swingler

JMX vs. Coach Richard

Call me Ham vs. Jrizzy Jeremy

MOMO vs. RossiHD

FaZe Sensei vs. overtflow

Rackaracka vs Scarce

"It is currently uncertain what the order of the fights will be, and the card could be subject to change if any of the contestants drop out," Dexerto reports.

You can watch the KSI vs. Logan Paul fight on Pay-Per-View HERE on Aug 25.

Want to go to Manchester to see the action live? Interested in buying a ticket? They're currently on sale HERE.

Who are YOU supporting? Let us know in the comments below.


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