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KSI Vs Logan Paul: Who Will Win?

Your favorite influencers share their thoughts on tomorrow night's boxing match
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T-minus 24 hours until the biggest event in YouTube history goes down in Manchester, U.K.

Tomorrow night Olajide William ‘JJ’ Olatunji (a.k.a. KSI) and Logan Alexander Paul (a.k.a. Logan Paul) will duke it out, UFC-style in a white collar boxing match at the Manchester Arena.

It's possibly one of the most anticipated events of 2018 - and you know some of your favorite influencers will be tuning in to watch it all go down.

Who's supporting who??? Who do they think will win??

Check out what your favorite GCC influencers have to say and let us know below in the comments who you'll be supporting.

Ahmed Al-Nasheet (@dvlzgame)

“I’ll be supporting KSI. We’ve worked together on a lot of projects before, and I think he really deserves to win. He’s the better athlete,” gaming influencer Al-Nasheet said.

Al-Nasheet is quick to point out that he doesn't have anything against Logan Paul and found him to be "really nice" when he met him.

“I think it’s all a show, at the end of the day. They’re really smart, both of them. They know how to get the views. When Logan Paul walked out of the press conference, every single media outlet started talking about it."

DJ Bliss (@DJBlissDubai)

"I think it’s gonna be a really interesting fight and I’m sure both guys are training super hard for it - but I think KSI is going to win," the Dubai-based DJ said.

"And I think it’s good that they are putting the chit chat away finally and squaring it out in the ring."

MoVlogs (@movlogs)

Just be happy #lamborghini #dubai #sweden #lambo #huracan

A post shared by Mo Vlogs (@mo_vlogs_) on

MoVlogs won't be choosing sides, but he was quick to point out that it was going to be a good fight.

Saygin Yalcin (@sayginyalcin)

Hope you had a great time brother! Pleasure hosting you in Dubai. See you soon

A post shared by Saygin Yalcin (@sayginyalcin) on

Saygin Yalcin also won't be taking sides but one of the competitors did reach out to him, to invite him to the match.

Planning on watching the KSI vs. Logan Paul fight on Aug. 25?

It will cost you Dhs30 ($8 USD) if you plan on watching Pay-Per-View, and tickets aren't cheap.

Aside from KSI and Logan Paul going at it in the ring, YouTube fans can expect to see a number of creators duking it out on the last Saturday evening of the month.

According to entertainment website dexerto.com, the current undercard is as follows:

Deji (a.k.a. ComedyShortsGamer) vs. Jake Paul

AnEsonGib vs. Jay Swingler

JMX vs. Coach Richard

Call me Ham vs. Jrizzy Jeremy

MOMO vs. RossiHD

FaZe Sensei vs. overtflow

Rackaracka vs Scarce

"It is currently uncertain what the order of the fights will be, and the card could be subject to change if any of the contestants drop out," Dexerto reports.

Who are YOU supporting? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo and video credit: YouTube, Instagram


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