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10 Artists You Need To Follow on Instagram

Sick of Kardashian posts and cats? Add these accounts to mix up your feed
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From photographers to graphic designers, Instagram is an essential key tool for artists to showcase their work and gain fans. And for social media fans, it can be a great way to inject a bit of culture into your feed - even if you're addicted to your smartphone.

Instead of creeping your ex (and accidentally liking their photo) or scrolling through countless memes, why not follow these artists? Their mediums vary, but they all post their work on Instagram. 

So, if you’re an art lover check out these 10 Insta accounts and let us know your favourite in the comments below. 

1. Saint Hoax (@sainthoax)

They call him the "poplitically" incorrect artist - mainly because he stays anonymous due to his controversial artwork.

Amidst our news fatigue, this Instagram artist has arisen with satirical paintings and gifs that ridicule our daily lives but happen to make everyone laugh.

Hoax continues to inspire us and reassures us that we are not alone in our dismay of the truth behind modern life. He embraces the pool of confusion we call millennial feelings and explains them to us through his art.

2. T.ra.my (@T.ra.my)

If you have been to La Mer or City Walk, you probably passed by one of this graffiti artist’s work. 

This Dubai-based artist paints on everything from Spray paint murals to life-show-events, vans, walls, you call it, he painted it.

3.  Andrea Prina (@praina_callimation)

Andrea Prina is an Instagram animator that has gained the attention of scrollers with his memorizing yet disturbing graphic design work.

While this artist is much underrated compared to other viral artists on Instagram with only 7k followers, being featured on @artistic.globe really put him in the spotlight.

What makes him special is that he combines calligraphy with graphic design to create weird art, but we all like a little weird every now and then. 

4. Caurlette (@caurlette)

Caurlette is a self-commission Instagram artist that sells her work for $80 per digital portrait. With a following of 71.5K you must have come across her art on Instagram.

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IMPORTANT: Before commissioning me make sure you've read my Terms Of Service! Now the commissions are no longer "first come first serve". ;} 1 slots only every month I accept only Paypal Use a converter if you don't know how much prices are in your currency. Dont pay me without telling me please wait for my instructions. THE DRAWING COSTS 80$ (USD)You have to give me a reference i dont draw depending on the imagination +40$ if you want 2 person in the same drawing I require full payment or half the amount at least You can’t cancel the order after you have approved the WIP sketch. Once the picture is finished, I can do the changes you want like color adjustments/adding details I may have forgotten. (for free sure) You have the right to commercial use Comercial Use = Making money of it or Promote yourself in any way. (Youtube, Patreon, website decoration, companies, game art, etc.) You'll receive a digital piece, not the printed art. Be sure to save the picture on your computer! I clean my the drawings often. Do not claim the commission illustration as yours. No refunds are offered. What can i draw? Human and pets only. Artwork process take from 3~7 days, please be patient I'm drawing with my own style so its not realistic btw, also its not a filter it's a manual work. DM or Email me if you're interested! have a nice day!

A post shared by COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN (@caurlette) on

She received backlash in the past for only drawing doll or plastic faces, while hiding the features of some of her subjects. She later apologized for the misunderstanding.

But if you have enemies, we guess you’re doing something right.

5. Mimles (@mimles)

Taking optical illusions to the next level, Mimles is a makeup artist that never Photoshops her pictures (according to The Independent).

She does everything from slicing/shifting her face with makeup to hand fish creations that you must see to believe.

6. Mregfx (@mregfx)

This talented 3D motion graphics designer has almost 145K followers and counting since he posted the man like Pidgeon / track tests and smoke man with smoke 3D graphics.

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#smoke #cinema4d #c4d #octane #3D #fruity

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You will not be able to avert your eyes after you come across his account. We do not know if he likes smoke or he is trying to raise awareness, but either way, you should follow him to see more of his amazing artwork.

7. Bruno Pontiroli (@brunopontiroli)

Paradoxes, surrealism, childhood dreams, and things that don’t make sense. This French contemporary artist will confuse your mind and tickle your imagination or you might just cringe. He has been drawing from an early age.


“I felt the urge to put on canvas this absurd and off the wall world I was imagining” he told Widewalls.com. So check this artist out and find out how the unlikely can become reality.

8. Alicia Goveas (@aliciagoveas)

She paints on people for a living, or so she says in her Instagram bio. She uses the human body as a canvas and paints things from skeleton optical illusions to tigers on pregnant bellies.

We’re always looking for more creative mediums and in this case more is more. She also does makeup, sketches and I think we’re safe to say, a little bit of photography.

9. Jessica Walsh (@jessicavwalsh)

This award-winning, one-woman design powerhouse is known for getting the public’s attention with her fun, adventurous, and experimental art. According to toworkorplay.com she taught herself code by the age of 12!

She later on went to become a designer, illustrator, art director and LEGEND. 

10. Meghan Hess (@meghanhess_official)

Meghan Hess is a Fashion illustrator that likes to mix her Instagram art up a notch by including her travelling, sketches, and things she loves to keep her art interesting.

Hess does not like to think of who is viewing her art, and prefers to stay true and organic to what she really loves. 

Who's your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by: Doa'a El Khouly. Photo credits: Instagram and Sagmeister & Walsh 


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