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Dubai Culture Festival for Youth Theatre Has Kicked Off

It's on from Oct 6-17 at the Cultural & Scientific Association Centre
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“He who does not know his past, cannot make the best of his present and future, for it is from the past that we learn “– Dubai Festival for Youth Theatre

Dubai Culture & Arts (@dubaiculture) is organizing the 12th Edition of the Dubai Festival for Youth Theatre at the Cultural & Scientific Association Centre in Al Manzar, Dubai: from the 6th to the 17th of October 2018.

Are you a returning attendee? Welcome back! Are you a newcomer? Well then, welcome in!

We're here to give you the breakdown on this event and why you need to be there.

The Dubai Festival for Youth Theatre promotes the theatre movement in the UAE through intercultural and humanitarian dialogue. It has brought in individuals showcasing some of the best local talent. Bringing in those who have been on stage since day one or those who have always had a passion for theatre but just needed a gateway to shine, this event has helped open those doors.

Before the announcement of the event, a press conference was held at the Cultural and Scientific Association in Dubai with numerous individuals from the Authority, including Fatima Al Jallaf (Head of Dubai Culture Festival for Youth Theatre), Marie Al Halyan (voted as “Personality of the Year”), and Dr. Salah Al Qassim (Advisor of Dubai Culture). These individuals voiced out the importance of this festival and encouraging young emerging talent through the theatre sector in the UAE.

This specific edition offers a more unique and distinguished experience. It is inspired by the values of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, making the theme name “Year of Zayed.” This year is focused on educating the community about Sheikh Zayed’s accomplishments, in hopes to inspire and motivate the youth to embody values such as respect, intelligence, understanding, and community.

While many of us typically watch movies at our local cinema, the theatre district is slowly becoming a buzzing topic. It is an impassioned event for those in the arts, and this year, it is all about the youth and our generation today.

This festival plays an important role in encouraging and supporting new, developing talent. It has acted as a gateway for individuals aspiring to become directors, authors, producers, actors, makeup experts, fashion designers, and more. Hand in hand, a number of workshops in preparation for this local theatre event were offered to these young individuals.

Needless to say, a lot of work has gone into this festival. The stakes are higher and the level of competition amongst Emirati teams have been raised.

This year, you'll be presented with a group of young aspiring individuals showcasing their creations to a broad audience of experts, supporters, and theatre fanatics. The participating groups will be competing for the Festival’s 16 awards. The winner will be announced on the last day of the festival Wednesday, October 17th.

Along with these main performances, this edition will also feature some niche performances such as Dubomedy, Modern-day Hakawati, The Junction, the Emirati Comedy Club, and participating universities.  Something not to be missed!

And nope, it doesn’t cost a thing. The entry is completely FREE for all!

All in all? It is an exciting and cultural event to attend. Whether you love the theatre or just want to get a new local experience, this is your one stop destination to experience cultural learnings, get in touch with your artistic side, and enjoy an event brought to you by the youth of the UAE.

For more information and a sneak peek of the program, visit Dubai Culture.

Written by Zain Yahya (@zain_yahya). Photo credits: Dubai Culture.


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