31.10 2018 10:04h

Planning on Getting Your Influencer License? Your life just got super easy!

You don’t even need to visit the office to get your trade license
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Want to become a licensed social media influencer? It's easier now than ever before. 

Ajman Media City Free Zone has launched a Social Media Influencer package, with the goal of making the process for aspiring influencers as easy as possible when obtaining the correct trade license.

“The bloggers and influencers will receive full support as our preferred customer in obtaining all the mandatory UAE National Media Council approvals to set up their entity," Sheikh Abdul Aziz bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of Ajman Media City Free Zone, said.

But the best news is aspiring influencers won't need to visit the free zone office in person, in order to set up the trade license. Most free zones in the UAE require potential company owners and individuals seeking trade licenses to visit a physical office

“With this first of its kind service in the region, we are able to offer huge flexibility, cost savings and speedy services to the global entrepreneurs," HE Mahmood Al Hashmi, C.E.O. of Ajman Media City Free Zone, said.

The cost of the Ajman Media City Free Zone Social Media Influencer license package has yet to be announced, but it provides a convenient option for aspiring influencers and creators who may not have the time to apply for a company license in person.

The National Media Council's Media Licensing Department states a Dh15,000 cost for obtaining a license for "Websites and social accounts specialized for online advertising Electronic".

Any social influencer or digital creator who is earning an income from their social media channels is required to be licensed within the UAE. This includes income from sponsored posts, brand deals and paid product reviews/shoutouts.

Can't afford Dh15,000 for a social media influencer license?

There's no need to worry. ITP Live has recently launched Live Unite, a micro-influencer platform for aspiring influencers and creators.

Got at least 5,000 followers on a social media platform? Apply to join Live Unite now.

Live Unite influencers will have the opportunity to work with some of the biggest brands from all over the world. This means international exposure for their social media accounts AND chance to grow your following.

Want to know THE BEST part? All Live Unite influencers will be licensed in accordance with NMC Influencer Licensing laws - so you don't need to worry about shelling out thousands of dirhams in order to further your career as licensed influencer within the UAE.

Applicants who are under the age of 21 need a parent or guardian's permission to join.


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