26.04 2017 12:36h

Instagram stories are officially now more popular than Snapchat

Facebook claims Insta Stories are used by 200 million people globally everyday
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Have you let anyone cheat during an exam and that person scores better grade than you? If so, you might just empathise a little with Snapchat.

Having seen their hugely popular disappearing stories functionality essentially cloned by Instagram last December, Snapchat now has to suffer the ignominy of a big dent in the platform popularity stakes.

According to a statement from Facebook last week, 200 million people around the world are using Instagram Stories every day, eclipsing Snapchat's reported 161 million daily active users. Ouch.

To compound the platform's growth, Facebook is also introducing new ‘sticker’ tools for Instagram, users can turn their selfies into stickers, which they’ll be able to easily share or pin within a video. Sound familiar? We thought so...


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