08.05 2017 14:01h

So why is social media going mad about this du advert?

Cinema commercial has caused quite a stir
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UAE telecommunications network Du has experienced quite the backlash from its latest advertising campaign promoting it's Two for Tuesday's discounted cinema offer. 

The ad, (below) entitled The Man Sitting Next to You was presumably made as a tongue-in-cheek effort to highlight the kind of nightmarish cinema patrons people can find themselves sat next to at the flicks, including the bubblegum popper, the loud chewer, and arguably the worst...the slurper. 

While some saw the funny side, a number of viewers have taken to social media to lambast Du for what they feel is either a poor representation of local cinemagoers or simply discouraging people from ever going to the cinema again. Neither of which, you'd imagine, was Du's aim.

In response, Du has removed the advertisement from the cinema circuit and apologised for causing offence to its viewers.


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