09.05 2017 13:57h

ITP Live meets Lilly Singh

5 minutes with the 'How to be a Bawse' author and YouTube comic
Lilly Singh, Dubai, Bawse book

1. What inspired you to write How to Be Bawse?

I have been so grateful for the good, bad and truly unbelievable experiences I've had over the past years, and I felt a book was the perfect format to share those lessons with others. I've learned so much from smart people who I admire along the way and wanted to share those stories with my audience. 

2. What’s the best bit of advice you’ve been given?

It’s not a piece of direct advice, but during Dwayne Johnson’s acceptance speech at the People Choice Awards he said, “It is nice to be important but it is more important to be nice.” This resonated with me because as I’ve grown in the entertainment industry, I have seen what happens when fame is thrust upon you. People can easily forget how important it is to be a nice person, so it was refreshing and grounding to hear this from someone so massive in the industry.

3. Who are you inspired by?

I’m inspired by my fans, #TeamSuper. I started my YouTube channel because I felt alone and their love and support has completely changed my life for the better. When I get to meet them in person, hear their stories and see how my videos have encouraged them to work harder or love themselves more, that’s true inspiration.

4. How do you deal with negativity online?

I have a stick note on my computer that reminds me every day to focus on what deserves my attention. I know that negativity exists, but I choose to not engage with it and spend time on things that I want more of.

5. What’s your next project?

Right now, I'm most excited about How To Be A Bawse and I can't wait to meet fans on my tour this year to support it. I care so much about those who take time to come and see me on tour, and want it to be a special experience for each and every one of them! I'm also focusing a lot on Girl Love. It feels more important than ever for young girls and women around the world to lift each other up. I would also love to pursue more acting opportunities and possibly maybe my own film or pilot. There are so many opportunities here which is really exciting!

Lilly Singh will be in Dubai on May 10 at the Habtoor Grand hotel. Tickets are available on 800tickets.com


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