16.12 2018 09:32h

Instagram Is Launching A Special Account For Superstar Influencers

It comes with exclusive new features and insight tools
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Life as an influencer can be pretty awesome.

From free swag to complimentary holidays being "Instagram famous" sure has its perks - and it's about to get even sweeter for those creators who are big fans of the photo- and Story-sharing platform. 

Instagram is currently testing a new Creator account that will be available to high-profile users (i.e. Insta-celebrities) sometime next year (micro-influencers most likely won't be eligible for it.) It will offer influencers and creators the ability to track their followers with "in-depth analytics."

According to The Hollywood Reporter "the new growth insights will give creators weekly and daily data around how their follower count has changed. The feature, which works across the feed, Stories, and IGTV, will also show creators what content they created so that they can understand what may have led to a spike in new followers or a decline in that fan base."  

Instagram Creator accounts will give high-profile users an advanced ability to filter their messages, rank pending requests and keep track of their following growth with"in-depth analytics".

While it still isn't clear how an influencer can qualify for this new account, we're sure many will be keen to check it out.

Instagram has been rolling out a number of new features within the past few months, all in an attempt to stay competitive and keep users on the photo-sharing platform. Last week it released an Instagram voice messaging feature, giving users the ability to communicate with voice messages via their DM inbox.

Back in October, the platform announced the launch of new Instagram technology to detect bullying in images and their captions.

What are your thoughts? Would you switch over to a creator account if given the opportunity? Let us know in the comments below.

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