25.05 2017 09:23h

With a 'Flick Of the Wrist' Twitter Went Into A Frenzy

What now...
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So the president made his first visit to Israel, where he was welcomed by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, many esteemed dignitaries and a brass band at the Ben Gurian International Airport.

Nothing to get in a tizzy about right, well, that changed rather quickly as Donald reached for his wife's hand while walking along the red carpet, only to have it swatted away!

Israeli media publication, Hareetz tweeted the awkward moment, with an on-point caption I might add and social media went off! The tweet got over 50k retweets and 83k likes at the time of this piece.

Cringe...Now referred too as the ‘Slap heard around the world’, tons of theories and speculation around what caused the swat have emerged since, along with the resurfacing of the hashtag #freemelania.

The hashtag has trended on numerous occasions by onlookers to signal there may be 'trouble in paradise' to put it mildly, from the dramatic change in her facial expression at her husband’s inauguration, too appearing unhappy at the Superbowl and of course the infamous flinch at his rally in Florida. Whether or not that is the case, your guess would be as good as mine, but moments like these certainly don't help extinguish those rumors.

The cringe worthy scene was also likened to the subtle nudge at the White House Easter Egg Roll….when she appeared to remind him to raise his hand during the national anthem. **facepalm**

But there’s no need to look that far back, when a day later...yes you read that right, the very next day, Melania seemingly rejected Donald’s hand once more! This time as they arrived in Rome.



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