13.01 2019 17:15h

This social media platform is good for your mental health

According to a new study this app makes people feel happy
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How do you feel when you use social media?

This probably isn't a question many of us consciously ask ourselves when scrolling through our favorite apps, but research has shown that social media can do more harm than good.

Experts have warned users about the toll their favorite apps can take on one's mental health. From inducing anxiety attacks to causing social media addictions many social media platforms appear to be doing more harm than good.

Snapchat, however, would beg to differ.

Snapchat recently partnered with California-based research company, Murphy Research, and conducted a study to find out how people really felt when they use various social media platforms.

The findings might surprise you...

According to Mashable, in the past Snapchat has had problems retaining users and is working hard to keep its advertisers around while its stock "falters". 

And this new survey, showing evidence that Snapchat actually makes its users happier, could be the solution to both issues the Story-sharing platform is currently facing.

Last year Snapchat experienced a decrease in stock price and drop in its userbase - especially within the last two quarters of 2018. Predominantly due to the rise in popularity of competitive Story media platforms (i.e. Instagram Stories and WhatsApp Stories), the platform has been trying to innovate and offer new features to attract more than just Gen-Zers who enjoy playing around with CGI flower crowns.

Although there is some unclarity as to how the survey was conducted, one thing is crystal clear: 95 percent of Snapchat users said the Story-sharing app makes them feel "happy.”

What are your thoughts? Were you surprised at the findings? Do you agree with Snapchat's study? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Shivani Mathur. Photo credit: Snapchat and Shutterstock.


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