29.01 2019 16:00h

Zach King Is Coming to Dubai This Weekend For The NSTI Festival

Here's how YOU can meet him in person
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Big Zach King fan? Want to meet him in Dubai?

We've got GREAT news for you!

Zach King is coming to Dubai on Thursday!

ITP Live is bringing the Vine sensation turned social media start to Dubai for the Family Festival of the National Science, Technology and Innovation Festival (NSTI).

The festival will be filled with family-friendly innovation and technology for both parents and kids.

From workshops to food trucks, to an outdoor cinema and VR experience you won't want to miss out. There will even be a climbing wall, human football table and plenty of fun for the whole family!

Between 4-10pm this weekend (starting on Thursday, Jan 31st) families can stop by and learn about all things science, technology and innovation at Festival Arena in Dubai. 

Entrance is free, registration is open to everyone and you might have the opportunity to meet Zach King!

And the best part is Zach King will be speaking at NSTI on Thursday and doing a Meet-and-Greet on Friday from 4-5pm!

That's right, Zach will be opening the Family Festival on Thursday and then will be meeting with fans from 4-5pm on Fri, Feb 1.

Zach got his start online sharing six-second videos of himself doing "magic tricks" with the help of special effects (also known as "digital sleight of hand".)

He quickly expanded to other platforms and grew his following on YouTube, Instagram (@zachking) and Facebook. He now has a combined following of over 40 million across all online platforms. Zach also competed on Season 28 of The Amazing Race and recently launched a series of Augmented Reality children’s books.

He has won the Shorty Award for Best Vine Artist.

Not familiar with his work? He's previously made the Palm Jumeirah disappear amongst other magic tricks. Check out his work on his YouTube channel. 

Are you a fan of Zach King?  Will you come to the Family Festival of National Science, Technology and Innovation to meet him? Let us know in the comments below.

Image credit: Zach King.


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