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Top Arab Ex-Viners and What They’re Up To Now

They're on to bigger and better things
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It wasn’t too long ago where those six second works of art were all the craze, leaving you mesmerized spending hours upon hours on the platform (or watching compilations on YouTube); but all good things must come to an end.

As we’re all (hopefully) well aware of by now, Vine was shut down back in 2016 - but the legends live on.

Well not entirely shut down, you still can make and have your 6 six seconds of fame, but now you’’ only be able to create it through ‘Vine Camera’ and upload it to different networks.

Nonetheless, It was a sad day, but one Viners did see coming.

Luckily whether it’s through YouTube, Instagram, Facebook….even Television, that didn’t stop these folk from doing what they do best, keeping you entertained and informed.

1. Sherif Fayed 

While it might seem like this young Egyptian American was born to be on TV,  it didn't always start that way. His passion and career prior to online fame belonged to professional football. Unfortunately, an injury cut his playing career short.

But when one door closes, another opens... as he found his calling in modelling and entertainment, quickly garnering a vine following of over 30,000 (prior to closure) and currently boasting an Instagram following of 728k (@sheriffayed).

When he's not on set for a myriad of commercials, you can see him do his thing on reality shows like The Victorious on DubaiTV. He is also currently the host of Sadeem (@officialsadeem).

2. Malaak Ammari

Back in Vine's golden days, Malaak who lives in California, boasted a very impressive following and over 5.64 million loops, well earned through posting some of the most hilariously relatable content.

While she doesn't produce as many vidoes as before (and as much as we'd like), she still does manage a thriving and highly active twitter page, entertaining as well as informing.

She makes a difference through advocating female rights and empowerment during a time of political divide in America.

3. Saif Shawaf

A Syrian Canadian, who has lots of love for the Middle East and gets even more back. From his hilarious vines to interviews out in the streets of Canada, Turkey and other places, this young man is just flat out entertaining.

Unfortunately, while he still does have strong followings on his channels, the content doesn’t seem to be coming out as frequently. Maybe we all need to get a little lounder in our efforts to bring him back in front of the camera.

4. Mohanad Al Hattab

Merci ya @droussamaalaoui 3ala el ibtisama el gameela diii, ya lahwiiii. Hosam 7ay3ad sawab3o nadam wallahi.

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A Syrian born and brought up in the UAE, this natural comedian’s claim to insta and vine fame was his comical characters and impersonations. One, ‘Hassan El Coach’ often held as the Borat of the UAE.  

He’s now taking his quirky persona to reality TV, as a host of the Arab version of the hit show Ridiculousness on Comedy Central Arabia. And of course he still does have a thriving and active Instagram profile with over 360k followers (@mohanadalhattab).

5. Shady Srour

This 22 year old aspiring Egyptian actor was born to be in front of a camera, if you’re hankering for a good sketch, impression, and some relatable Arabic comedy, his channel’s a must watch.

While I’m sure he misses the platform that gave him his start, with over 2 million followers on instagram, 1.9 million subs on Youtube, I think he'll get over it (if he hasn't already). Stay tuned, only a matter of time before we see this young man on the big screen.

6. Anwar Jibawi

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Last but in no way the least, this brilliant sketch comedian is one of the best to do it in the world let alone Middle East, collabing with other Vine greats such as Amanda Cerny, Rudy Mancuso, Logan Paul, King Bach, among others.

He's also proof that talent transcends any platform, as he seamlesly transitioned from Vine to YouTube and with over a 1.2 million subs and 129 million views, hasn't looked back.

He's diversified and shared his content on other platforms as well, building sizeables following on Instagram and Facebook. This is defintiely not the last time we'll be talking about this lad.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.


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