28.05 2017 12:36h

The Answer To Your Event Planning Nightmares?

And it's just in time for your Iftar and Suhoor Plans!
App, Events, Planning, Ramadan

Anyone who's tried to organize a get together, whether it be an elaborate birthday party, a brunch, dinner or anything for matter, understands the end often doesn't justify the means. From setting up and updating a Facebook page, sending out emails, text and page invites, only for you to follow up a million times anyways, not to mention answer the same Q's over and over again (just read the darn message!), it's a pain and makes you grow a new level of appreciation for event managers everywhere.

And if you've opted to go the whatsapp group route, thinking 'this should be farily simple', you're in for a treat *sarcastic voice*.

However, developer Nomadic might be on to something with their new app and it doesn't require you to get a degree (or new friends). It's called Einvite, a free (that's a good start) iOS app that promises to make the whole event management process oh so much easier. The one size fits all app allows you to document and keep everything relevant to the event in one place, as well as send invitations to your guest list and here's the best bit, collect the expenses for the event through an online payment portal.

Yup! Need your buddies to chip in for gift, buffet vouchers, movie tickets, pre-booked dinners, no excuses now.

Getting started is as easy as 1,2,3...Users simply need to download the app, add their card details for all future payments, enter all events details (name, details, agenda, place), a location pin (via Google Maps) and of course, the participation fee if necessary. There's also an internal chat feature, so you can make sure no updates (atleast the ones that count) leave the group. 

Nomadic's co-founder, Ziad Ghosn, said  is Einvite is perfect for users to organise Iftars and Suhoors during the holy month.

Bad news for Android users though, seems like the app is only available to iOS users for the time being. While the app is available on the Google Playstore, it doesn't seem to be functional just yet (such a tease). But i'm sure it won't be long before it comes out. In the meantime, guess it's just screenshots for us. Makes it easier to forget event fees anyways ;)


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