29.05 2017 11:35h

11 Awe-Inspiring Instagrams of #MyDubai

Arrgh so many options

1. The open road during a Dubai sunset, could there be anything more serene **channeling inner Chandler Bing**

2. 2nd pic in a row by this guy, could probably fill the whole list. We've all seen skyline's, but rarely like this

3. The iconic and long standing Deira clocktower. Considered one of the most visually striking by the UK's Telegraph, and we can see why

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4. The only way to traverse a desert (that and a Range)

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5. The recently inaugurated water canal

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6. The right way to explore old Dubai @ The Creek Abra

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7. When old meets new

8. A ''peak" of the Miracle Gardens

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9. The 8th Wonder

10. Night or Day? You choose

11. The Atlantis Close Up

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