29.05 2017 15:31h

12 Hilariously Relatable #DubaiProblem Tweets

Don't lie, you've been there
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Between the perfect infrastructure and myriad of shopping and entertainment options, most residents are pretty spoilt out here in Dubai. But of course even the best of us like to have the occasional grumble, regardless of how minor the #firstworldproblem may be.

So we decided to compile some of the funniest and - quite frankly, relatable - of these 120 character rants that gave us a good chuckle.

1. Gotta keep it ''cool''and classy

2. Preach!

3. When you escape the heat, but have to pack three sweaters 

4. Hope she's alright

5. Hmmm...

6. Thought they tasted familiar...

7. Nobody's blaming you

8. Huh?

9. *Sigh*

10. No uber chopper? Oh, how do you go on? 

11. Took her that long now did it?

12. That's one way to bring a customer back


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