31.05 2017 11:18h

Trump Asks World Leaders Too 'Call Him On His Cellphone' And Everyone's Got The Same Joke

''...That could only mean one thing''
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So not that anyone's suprised at this point, but apparently President Trump has been handing out his cellphone number to world leaders, urging them to call him.

Essentially asking them to ''call him on his cellphone....'', the rest of that lyric might be a little disturbing, but you get the hint and so did the rest of Twitter. And the reaction...hilarious.

All gifs aside, as trivial as it may seem, this unsual form of invitation breaks diplomatic protocol and raises numerous security concerns to say the least.

Derek Chollet, a former Pentagon adviser and National Security Council official now at the German Marshall Fund of the United States stated “If you are speaking on an open line, then it’s an open line, meaning those who have the ability to monitor those conversations are doing so,”


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