31.05 2017 13:21h

6 Things To Know About The Emirates Free Ticket Hoax

Did you fall for it?
Emirates, Scam, Social Media

In a month that seems to be riddled with cyber hacking and online security concerns, comes yet another, this time in the form of a hoax circulating social media specifically Facebook, purporting to be from the esteemed airline, offering two free airline tickets to participants.

I know right, teasing free flights during a UAE summer, now that’s just cruel…

So here are a few facts to keep in mind to avoid falling into this trap (and hopefully any others down the line)…

1. The fake survey was dated May 29th

2. It features the Emirates logo front and centre and reads “Congratulations! You have been selected to take part in our short survey to get two free Emirates tickets. We only have XX tickets remaining so hurry up.” – Wouldn’t be a scam without the little scare tactic at the end now would it.

3.  The survey asks participants three questions including, “Have you ever been a traveller with us?” – Very nice touch

4. This is a classic example of a phishing scam; which works by inviting users to click on a link, usually through offering up a very juicy headline or in this case, a gift. Once the link is clicked, hackers can gain access to their device, stealing personal information or even credit card details.

5.  Emirates is still investigating the source of the scam and has advised the public not to click or share such links.

6. It’s not the first time (and probably not the last). Back in August last year, the fake ‘Emirates Air’ page garnered over 30,000 likes by tricking users in believing free flights were on offer. Fortunately, Emirates Airline did have the page removed and fans redirected to theirs.


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