31.05 2017 17:22h

Attention Dubai Tech Users! HH Sheikh Mohammed Launches Cyber Security Strategy

Objective: Become the digitally safest city in the world

From one of the world’s largest global cyber-attacks (ransomwear), millions of Zomato user details stolen and the many phishing scams in the names of beloved brands like Emirates Airlines, seems like the hackers are getting increasingly aggressive. Given that in this digital age, everything from our personal details, addresses, sensitive documents, bank details (our entire lives practically) are stored on our PCs and/or Clouds of some description, it’s safe to say that tech users in the region and around the world are feeling a little bit unsafe.

But some fantastic news came in today and now you can rest easy knowing that efforts are being made in the right direction, as His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai launched the Dubai Cyber Security Strategy with the aim to strengthen the city's position as a world leader in innovation, safety and security.

Sheikh Mohammed emphasised the essential requirement of cyber security in the digital era as the world has become more connected with the spread of smart technologies and called for uniting the efforts of the government and private sector to ensure a secure cyberspace that makes Dubai digitally the safest city in the world.

He said: "We have set ourselves firmly on a path of excellence and creativity in the UAE, and today with the launch of the Dubai Cyber Security Strategy we are adding a new achievement to the list of the government's many accomplishments. This proves to the world that the more challenges we face, the more determined we are to achieve the highest excellence."

"We want to harness technology to create a new reality in Dubai and a different life, a new model of development," he added.

So now your probably asking yourself, that's great news but how is it going to take shape. Well, the implementation of Dubai Cyber Security Strategy is broken down into five core domains:

1. Cyber Smart Nation

Aims to raise public awareness on the importance of cyber security, ensuring the building of a society that is fully aware of the dangers of cybercrime.

Especially important, given the spread of information is often neglected. Back in August last year a fake page ‘Emirates Air’ received over 30,000 likes, opening them up to further phishing scams. A lot of the damage could be mitigated were users aware of best practice and how to spot fake accounts, messages and such.

2. Innovation

Concerned with innovation and scientific research in the field of electronic security and the establishment of a cyber space that is free, fair and secure, and encourages innovation in the Emirate of Dubai.

3. Cyber Security

The objective is to build a secure cyberspace by establishing controls to protect the confidentiality, credibility, availability and privacy of data.

4. Cyber Resilience

Will focus on maintaining the flexibility of cyberspace and ensuring the continuity and availability of IT systems in the event of any cyber-attacks.

5. National and International Collaboration: The aim of this domain is to establish local and global partnerships to consolidate cooperation frameworks with different sectors at the global and local levels to confront threats and risks in cyberspace.


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