12.02 2019 11:52h

LinkedIn Has Launched A New Platform

Introducing LinkedIn Live: the livestreaming platform for professionals
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LinkedIn is going live with... wait for it... LinkedIn Live!

While the professional social network has taken its sweet time to roll out the livestreaming feature, fans of the platform are excited to start connecting with other professionals over live video content.

According to TechCrunch, LinkedIn Live will be rolled out beta-style to a select few creators within the United States for testing in the near future. 

Users can expect to see live content similar to the subject matter they already view within their feeds.

Think conference coverage, product announcements, Q&As and other events (led by influencers and mentors,) office hours from a big tech company, earnings calls, graduation and awards ceremonies and more.

Sounds very exciting for LinkedIn fans. The downside? Not everyone will have access to LinkedIn Live.

Mashable reports the new streaming platform will only be "... rolled out via invite-only to select U.S. users for this initial beta phase. Users who want to try out LinkedIn Live but aren’t one of the lucky invitees will eventually be able to apply for access to the service."

Why is LinkedIn launching LinkedIn Live?

With the rise of video content on social media and with every other major platform boasting some kind of livestreaming feature (i.e. Facebook's Facebook Live, Instagram's Instagram Live, etc.) LinkedIn needs to pull out all the stops to compete with the industry's other major players.

And while some of us may be thinking "What took LinkedIn so long to launch a live streaming feature???" there are plenty of netizens who seem very excited about LinkedIn Live. 

Or not.

What are your thoughts? Will you be tuning into LinkedIn Live? How would you use LinkedIn's livestreaming platform? Let us know in the comments below.

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