14.03 2019 12:45h

Brands and Marketers, Have You RSVPed To The ITP Live Summit?

It's happening on March 26 at the Address Dubai Mall
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It's that time of year again! 

ITP Live's 2019 Influencer Marketing Summit will be taking place on March 26 at the Address Dubai Mall. The annual summit brings together the biggest names in digital marketing, branding and online content creation.

Never been to an ITP Live Summit before? Here's what to expect...

The goal of the day is to explore topics in digital marketing and to hear from the experts on the best practice of influencer marketing.

Throughout the morning, we'll have panel discussions with some of the biggest content creators and experts within the region. The agenda for this year's summit will be divided into multiple themes largely highlighting influencer marketing, the rise of Esports and online gaming.

Panel discussions will be centered around the theme of "Diving Deeper into Influencer Marketing” and there will, of course, be time for networking in between talks.

Wondering what to expect from this year's ITP Live's Summit? We've included a quick round-up of all the panel discussion themes below. 

Please note speakers, panelists, and timings are TBA. Check back soon for more information.


As the gaming influencer industry continues to grow, lifestyle and consumer brands are keen to tap into the commercial opportunities of Esports.

How are gaming influencers impacting consumer purchasing behaviors? How are payment gateways affecting the world of online gaming and consumers spending habits? We get into it with the gaming industry experts.   


It's official: the subculture of gaming and Esports has become part of mainstream society.

Esports players are now being placed on the same pedestals as professional athletes and online gamers are becoming the biggest influencers within the industry.

The biggest kicker? They're commanding some of the highest fees within the influencer marketing sphere, as brands and marketers are starting to understand the power these gamers have when it comes to influencing their (predominantly Millennial and Gen-Z) audience.

What goes into becoming a successful gaming superstar? And how quickly is the online gaming community growing in this region? In this panel, we meet the newest rock stars of the social media world.


In this day and age, measuring the success of an influencer marketing campaign is easier than ever before - but are brands really making the most of all this data they have access to? And how data-drive are influencer marketing campaigns?

While we may be living in a "data overload" era, are brands really making the most of the hard stats they have on influencers (and their audiences) when running an influencer marketing campaign?

We dive in and explore how influencer marketing tools, platforms, analytics, and insight resources can help brands and marketers make smarter decisions when it comes to influencer marketing.


Over the last decade, Facebook has reigned supreme as the most important social media platform on the Internet. What does it have planned for itself, its creators and its users in the near future? And how has it been able to stay relevant to both brands and content creators throughout the past decade?

In this panel, we delve into Facebook's newest features (like Facebook Watch and Facebook Gaming), while talking about what the platform has to offer brands, creators and fans in 2019.


It’s the social networking platform for professionals and businesses, yet many brands are struggling to establish themselves on LinkedIn. 

How can a marketer and/for brand build a strong, engaged audience on the platform? What kind of value and impact do LinkedIn creators have on the influencer marketing industry? How effective is this platform for lead generation?

In this panel, we’ll explore the best practices for increasing your brand’s presence on LinkedIn.


In 2020 the average Saudi will be thirty-one. What does it take to "move the needle" in the Kingdom of Millennials?

In this panel discussion, we're exploring how brands can create compelling social content that leaves a lasting impression with Saudi Millennials and what resonates with the audience of Saudi influencers.

We'll highlight the best practices for tapping into Saudi consumers; which social platforms are most prominent within the country; and the most effective methods of communicating your brand's message across to a Saudi influencer's audience.

Interested in attending? Please email itplivesummit@itp.live for more information on how you can RSVP.

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