31.03 2019 17:02h

This Luxury Travel Influencer Shares His Top 5 Favourite Destinations

Planning your next holiday? Consider checking out these five Insta-worthy locations
Talal AlRashed, Dubai Influencer, Kuwait Influencer, Luxury Travel, Travel, Travel Influencer

Throughout the past few years, my style of traveling has drastically evolved - just like the travel industry itself. 

Even though I love visiting world-renowned cities I also make an effort to visit towns and tourist attractions that aren't as famous as the Eiffel Tower.

I make it a point to discover different areas outside of city centers and to check out lesser-known landmarks. I love being completely surprised by what I'll find when traveling off-the-beaten-track.   

Here are five destinations I've recently discovered that might not be your typical holiday abroad, but are sure to surprise you if you take a chance and visit these locations.  


You've probably heard the phrase "Made in Taiwan" before. You might think Taiwan is a massive country, filled with countless factors but you couldn't be further from wrong.

I spent some time touring the country, formerly known as "Formosa" when it was a Portuguese colony (translation: beautiful island), with friends two years ago and discovered that Taiwan was one of the most beautiful, diverse places in the world. 

From its capital Taipei (one of the safest cities in Asia) to the splendid coats of Hualien; to Taroko National Park's mystical terrains and mountains to the spectacular Sun Moon Lake of Nantou County, I was blown away by Taiwan's beauty.

With Taiwanese people being so incredibly friendly and the local cuisine being exceptionally delicious,  I highly recommend visiting Taiwan if you have the chance. I know I'll be visiting again in the years to come.

Frankfurt and Wiesbaden, Germany

I can't understand why people dislike Frankfurt. I visited the city for the first time 10 years ago and I really enjoyed it.

Last year I had the chance to visit again and found myself confirming my appreciation for Germany’s most international city. Frankfurt is elegant, quaint and modern - possibly why I find it so beautiful and contrasting when comparing it to other European cities.