21.04 2019 14:38h

New Facebook Fonts Might Be Happening Very Soon

Your News Feed might look very different
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Are you part of the social media minor that still updates their Facebook status on a regular basis?

If yes, we've got some fontastic news for you (apologies, we couldn't resist)... 

According to Social Media Today Facebook is currently testing a "text effects" option within its News Feed posts.

This means users may soon be able to select from a range of fonts when sharing status updates with their Facebook friends.

If this is rolled out, Facebook fans will be able to choose from five different fonts (fancy, simple, clean, headline and casual) when updating their status. These fonts are currently only available to users who create Facebook Stories.

While some of you might not know what to make of this, if this new feature is a go it will be the first time users of the platform have the option to use more than the default fault when updating this status.

Whare are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo credit: Shutterstock.


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