06.06 2017 12:56h

Trending: Everyone’s Going Insane Trying to Figure out This Waterslide Move

Video editing or one lucky dude?
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A star was born today at a Jamaican waterpark, as tourist Morgan Evick captured the moment a young man put us all to shame with his epic and gravity defying waterslide exit.

Yup, definitely don’t look like that on my way out. 

The clip racked up over 60,000 retweets in under a day and on cue as always, the internet had plenty of jokes. With people sending in hilarious but accurate memes in awe of the great feat.

They even got Dr. Phil like...

Whether this was a work of art or video editing, the answers still up in the air.

But if it was a fake, I don't want to find out (let a kid dream).

One last thing I have to say or ask rather, is…do you take students?


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