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Regional Influencers Celebrate Ramadan 2019 in Style With AliExpress

Get ready for HUGE savings throughout the next few weeks
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Ramadan is around the corner and you know what that means: the content in your feed is about to look a little bit different throughout the next few weeks.

Get ready to see Stories featuring Ramadan-inspired makeup looks, glamorous abayas, and decadent Iftars and Suhoors (and fewer snaps of daytime coffee dates.)

You also might be inspired to update your wardrobe with a few new items… and we’re excited to share with you an exclusive Ramadan shopping scoop.

AliExpress, a global online retail marketplace under Alibaba group, is hosting a HUGE Ramadan sale with up to 50% off tons of items – and some of the biggest influencers in the region are starring in the campaign to promote the savings across a variety of social media platforms.

The campaign video features social media sensations Shahad Ballan (@shahadballan), Aya Faisal (@theayoot), Njoud Bint Moshaal (@njoudsh1), Dolly Ayash (@dollyayash) and Darin Al Bayed (@darin00013) excitedly exchanging gifts and showing off what they ordered online from AliExpress.

“The campaign was very fun to shoot, I had a great time,” TV presenter and content creator Shahad Ballan said. She described how she enjoyed meeting all the other influencers and spending time with them on set.

“They’re beautiful girls inside and out. The whole team was amazing. Actually, we were laughing most of the time.”

“It was a great experience to be on set with the girls and the team supporting the project,” beauty and fashion influencer Njoud Bint Moshaal said

Want to see an exclusive behind-the-scenes sneak peek? Check out the video below.

Shahad, Aya, Njoud, Dolly and Darin have curated a few of their favourite AliExpress items just for you. If you want to shop their style, be sure to click on the links below.

Shahad Ballan (@shahadballan)
Aya Faisal (@theayoot)
Njoud Bint Moshaal (@njoudsh1)
Dolly Ayash (@dollyayash)
Darin Al Bayed (@darin00013)

From handbags to shoes to cosmetics, the five fashionistas are clearly excited to celebrate the Holy Month in style.

“It’s that time of year where I find myself reconnecting with my soul, and reconnecting more with family and loved ones,” Shahad Ballan said. “I question myself on the things I can develop and what I can do to be a better person.”

“The AliExpress Ramadan sales are very exciting for everyone within the region,” Dolly Ayash said, highlighting the affordable prices AliExpress is offers shoppers. She plans to spend the month catching up with family, friends and loved ones.

Be sure to check out their feeds for Ramadan fashion inspiration and leave a comment letting them know how you’re planning on celebrating the Holy Month.

The sale will officially kick off on May 6 (0:00 am Pacific Time) and will run for one week – and the warming up sale has already started on the website. Shoppers in the region can log into their AliExpress app to preview over 100M products which will have up to 50% off discount and add them to cart. You can also play games to win coupons, discounts and access to shop exclusive items now.  Be sure to look out for flash deals and other great offers at night.

Want to order from AliExpress?

Shop online at aliexpress.com or download the app here.

If you spend over 220 AED in the UAE or 343 SAR in Saudi Arabia on products that qualify for AliExpress Direct Shipping, you will enjoy free shipping with delivery time from 12-20 days. The service offers online tracking, door-to-door delivery and other benefits to make the delivery process as smooth as possible for you.

Customers in Saudi Arabia will have access to Cash on Delivery payment service now and this service will be available to customers in UAE and other GCC countries very soon.

How will you be celebrating Ramadan 2019? Let us know in the comments below.


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