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Nina Ali, Classic Catering And Friends To Feed Thousands of Labourers This Ramadan

And you won't believe HOW many people they're feeding each day
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As we’re all well aware, one of the spirits of Ramadan is giving back and helping those within our community who are less fortunate.

One content creator who is going the extra mile is Dubai-based Nina Ali (@nina.ali). The family and lifestyle-influencer is teaming up with a few friends and Chef Bobby (@chefbkapoor) from Classic Catering to feed 100,000 labour workers at different labour camps throughout the Holy Month.

Throughout the past few weeks, Ali and Zahra Abdalla (@cookingwithzahra), Zeina Abdalla (@zeinaabdalla) and Paria Ghorashi Rafi (@pariaghorashi) have been working hard to reach their target.

“Our goal is to feed over 4,000 labour workers a day and 100, 000 by the end of Ramadan,” Nina Ali said.

Feeding a few thousand workers seems reasonable and generous, but why such an aspirational goal for Ramadan 2019?

“Last year our goal was 50,000,” Ali said. “We exceeded that by 66,000.”

The team cooks, assembles and hands out nutritious meals consisting of a rice dish, dates, dessert, Laban/juice and water at various labour camps across Dubai.

Ali is quick to point out Dubai was built off the hard-work of these labours and we should appreciate their efforts throughout the entire year, but especially show during the Holy Month.

“Everything we do, every building we walk into, the homes we sit in was built by these hard working and amazing souls,” she said.

“This is the least we can do during this Holy Month. The majority of them are fasting. Giving them a hot meal to show our appreciation is the least we could do.”

For more information on how you can support the cause check out Nina Ali’s Instagram @Nina.Ali.

How are you spreading the Spirit of Ramadan throughout the Holy Month and giving back? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Basma Badr and Laura Kell. Photo credit: Nina Ali.


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