21.05 2019 12:50h

Instagram's New Creator Profile: A First Look By Naomi D'Souza

The food blogger shares an EXCLUSIVE look at Instagram's newest update
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Instagram's latest brain child will have content creators and influencers jumping for joy. In addition to "Personal" and "Business" accounts, a few lucky users may soon have an additional account option to choose from.

Introducting Instagram Creator Profiles!

The photo, video and Story-sharing platform has been quietly rolling out its new Creator accounts, and one influencer has agreed to share a sneak peak of the new profile option with ITP Live. 

Food blogger Naomi D'Souza (@naomi_dsouza) gives us a first-hand look at the new Instagram Creator Profile. Check it out below...

Changes in the DM's

As a content creator, I receive hundreds of messages a day. (I promise I'm not bragging, this is fairly typical of anyone who has a large social media following.)

Going through each and every one of them can be challenging, not to mention time consuming. What Instagram has (very smartly) done with the Instagram Creator profile is filtered between Top Requests & All Requests within the "junk" inbox.

While it might not always be accurate, it sure is saving me a lot of time.

Instagram has also divided my DM's into two categories: "Primary" and "General". It’s essentially two different folders, and gives the Creator Profile user the freedom to organize their messages for easy access.

Growth Insights

A super cool new feature by Instagram within its Creator profile are the growth insights.

As you can see from the screenshot above, it shows the user how many followers they've gained/lost per day. 

By clicking "see posts" it enables me to check what post and Stories I uploaded on respective days, that helped me gain (or lose) followers.

Pretty interesting right? It definitely helps content creators know what type of content perform well, especially if they want to increase their audience.

Account Categories

Due to the influx of influencers, bloggers and content creators the need to specify our niche to our audience is essential.

Having access to an abundance of categories helps us content creators communicate their "job title" and what they stand to theri following.

Thoughts on Instagram's Creator Profile?

I’m sure Instagram will role out more features for content creators who opt in to the Creator profile in the future. It is imperative for us to know how our audience feels, reacts, or reciprocates, on each content we post.

This will enable us to create better content that reaches millions of consumers and profiles. Additionally, I’m really looking forward to the ‘Creator Studio for Instagram’ to be rolled out in this region, I’m sure this will help creators in countless ways.

After all, who wouldn't want a live dashboard?!

Overall, the Instagram Creator profile is pretty cool and if you have the option to switch to it you should consider it.

Would you swap over to an Instagram Creator profile? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

Image credit: Naomi D'Souza


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