23.05 2019 15:34h

Regional Content Creators Want You To Cut Back On Single-Use Plastic

They're teaming up with Timberland and Bee’ah to raise awareness about plastic consumption
Timberland, Content creators, Omar Borkan, Bin Baz, Zoe Andersen, DJ Bliss, Pledge No Plastic

Do you know how much plastic you go through in a week?

Probably a lot more than you think you do...

A few weeks ago, Timberland nominated four regional content creators to participate in a challenge that involves practicing sustainable living and being mindful of their plastic consumption.

Enter #PledgeNoPlastic

Timberland has made a long-term commitment to lessen its ecological footprint on the earth, while continuing to leave an indelible mark on the outdoor footwear and apparel industry.

The company strives to create clothing, shoes and accessories out of recycled plastic as one way of reducing its carbon footprint. Therefore, it was only fitting they would spearhead the #PledgeNoPlastic campaign, in partnership with Bee’ah (a pioneering force for sustainable solutions in the Middle East.)

Timberland teamed up with Omar Borkan (@omarborkan), Bin Baz (@bin_baz), DJ Bliss (@djblissdubai) and Zoe Andersen (@zoehappyfit), in order to bring awareness to the issue. The contetn creators all made a commitment to collect a week's worth of plastic products.

The content creators documented their journeys on their social media accounts, before donating their plastic waste to be used in the creation of an art installation at Alserkal Avenue. The installation has been made out of 105kg of waste – the average amount of plastic an individual will throw out each year.

The purpose of the #PledgeNoPlastic challenge, art installation at Alserkal Avenue and content creators documenting their experience on social media was to encourage the general public to be mindful of just how much plastic they consume within a relatively short period of time.

Omar, Zoe, Bin Baz and DJ Bliss then nominated other regional content creators, encouraging them to participate in the challenge.

Nominees Mohannad Hattab (@mohanadalhattab), Ahmed Al-Nasheet (@DVLZGame), S1 (@official_S1), Shahad (@hermajeesty), Karen Mattar (@karenmattar), Amr Nousshy (@nsoo7y) and Talal Al Rashed (@talal.alrashed) all participated in the movement by sharing their plastic waste with their audiences.

While it's far from a glamorous campaign, #PledgeNoPlastic has done an excellent job of bringing awareness to an issue that is easily overlooked and very harmful to our environment. 

Well done to Timberland, Bee’ah and all the content creators who participated in #PledgeNoPlastic.

Will you particiapte in What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.


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