10.06 2019 06:21h

Family Fizz Make A Huge Donation in This Challenge

You won't believe what they let Mia and Sienna do...
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Family Fizz are really getting into the Ramadan spirit this year (which makes sense, considering they're now living in Dubai...)

A few weeks ago, they uploaded a video titled “ANYTHING you can CARRY, we'll PAY FOR IT” where Darren and Georgie Fizz promised their two eldest children, Mia and Sienna, any they wanted within a well-known supermarket – as long as they could carry the items throughout the entire shop, right to the till, without dropping them (baby Karma decided to sit this one out).

But there was a twist! Wondering how it all panned out? Check the video out below.

In the end, Family Fizz ended up purchasing a number of toys to donate to local UAE charity Toys with Wings.

“We love to do as many things as we can to give back and express gratitude for where we are in life today,” Darren Fizz said.

“Documenting it makes it even better too because it inspires others to give, we get so much positive feedback from people saying they decide to donate after watching the videos.”

He goes on to explain the idea was originally thought up by his daughter, Sienna.

“When she turned six, she decided to donate her birthday presents to less fortunate children and we've carried on the tradition since," he said.

Family Fizz decided to donate all the items to Toys With Wings, a charity that collects and distributes toys to children in need throughout the region.

Since its inception, the organization has donated over 220,000 toys to children in Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Morocco, Iraq, Yemen, Oman, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, Belgium, Spain and Kenya.

The family came up with the idea of donating toys first, before adding a challenge aspect to the video (hence the “ANYTHING you can CARRY, we'll PAY FOR IT” challenge aspect of the video)

"The charity element came first, but then we want to always deliver things in an entertaining way so we figured how to incorporate it in a fun video," Darren Fizz said.

And why did they choose to donate to Toys With Wings?

"Toys With Wings is the perfect charity, since they try to bring smiles to people's faces and that's exactly our aim too,” he said.

“We were really blown away with how many toys they've donated - almost quarter of a million toys across 14 countries in just 4 years since they started!"

Be sure to subscribe to Family Fizz's channel on YouTube, follow them on Instagram and check back soon for more details on what they're up to in Dubai.

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