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How To Get An Insta-Worthy Body

Fitness trainer Peter Barron shares a few VERY effective workouts
Peter Barron, Content Creator, Fitness influencer, Lifestyle, Fitness, Dubai fitness

Trying to get back into shape before the summer holidays?

Content creator and fitness trainer Peter Barron (@peterbarron13) shares tons workout routines and tricks on his Instagram - and most of them you can do in the comforts of your own home.

Check out our top three favourites below...

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* GROW YOUR WITH GLUTE ACTIVATION * SAVE/ TAG A FRIEND/ TRY THE WORKOUT Struggling to grow your bum? Feeling everything in your quads when you work your lower body? Activating your glutes is something a lot of people struggle with when performing compound exercises such as Squats, Lunges , Hip Thursts etc. Here are a few exercises and tips that will help with that and maximize your results. This works for me and many people I have worked with in the past. Try adding 3 or 4 of these exercises into your warm before any lower body session. This will allow you to activate and engage the glutes correctly so that when you're performing your Squats , Hip Thrusts etc you will start to use the and not just rely on your quads to do all the work. If you really want , you can use all of these exercises together and do a #glute / #booty workout from it I would recommend adding in some Squats, Walking lunges and Hip Thrusts. That's all you need to start seeing some growth and definition in your butt from a training aspect. For a warm up: Choose 3 - 4 exercises Perform 2 - 3 sets 45 sec per exercises ( each side ) For a workout : Perform each exercise Working for 20 reps each side 4 - 5 sets #gluteworkout #workoutmotivation #whgym #fitspiration #personaltrainerdubai #dubai #dubaifitness #dubaifitfam #lowerbodyworkout #bootybuilding #bootygains

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* BODYWEIGHT CORE * SAVE/SHARE/LIKE and try this workout Perform each superset for 2 - 4 sets before moving onto the next ▪️Working 30- 45sec per exercises ▪️Rest 20 sec between each set ▪️Repeat 2 - 4 sets ▪️Rest 45 - 60 sec ▪️Move onto next superset ▪️Complete all 3 superset following the same instructions. Finish with 3 sets of 6" Leg Raise Hold SUPERSET A: 1a. Bicycle Crunch 1b. Alternating Leg Raise SUPERSET B: 2a. Heel Tap 2b. V-Up into V Crunch SUPERSET C: 3a. Downward Dog Into Cross Body Crunch 3b. Criss Cross 4a. 6" Leg Raise Hold #coreworkout #core #abworkout #abs #outdoorworkout #dubaifitness #homeworkout #workoutathome #fitspiration #workoutanywhere #weightlossworkout #bodyweightworkout #fitness #fitspo #fitnessinspo #workout #workoutroutine

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* GLUTES & HAMSTRINGS * SAVE /TAG A FRIEND / LIKE If you're looking to build a strong lower body and core, these are 5 key exercises that you should include in your workout. Always make sure you warm up before every workout and if you struggle to engage your glutes when training legs , try using resistance bands to help activate before any lower body workout. For this workout you can do these exercises as a workout or add them into your routine. 4 sets 12 reps per exercise Rest 30 - 45 sec between sets Rest 60 - 90 sec between each exercise 1. Barbell squat 2. Dumbbell bulgarian split squat 3. Dumbbel rdl 4. Sumo kettlebell rdl 5. Exercises ball single leg glute raise #whgym #gluteworkout #lowerbodyworkout #workoutmotivation #workoutroutine #lowerbodyworkout @whgym

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Be sure to check out Peter's feed for more workouts tips and tricks!

How are you getting into shape this summer? Let us know in the comments below.

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