17.06 2019 14:28h

Apple Summer Camps for Kids Are Coming To The UAE

Is your child the next Steve Jobs or Mo Vlogs? Enrol them in one of these camps STAT!
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Exciting times for the UAE's next generation of coders, creatives and entrepreneurs.

Apple is launching summer camps for kids! 

Dubbed "Apple Summer Camp" children between the ages of eight to twelve will be able to learn about all things involving making music, editing video and programming robots throughout the summer months. 

According to ITP.net "Apple Camp is designed to help sparkle the creativity of kids . . . through amusing and hands-on projects from exploring music and coding to making movie and art or even design." 

All camps take place over a period of three days. Apple devices and software will be provided for all campers. 

Wondering what your child could be getting up to at an Apple Summer Camp? Here are the details on all the types of camps available from Apple this summer...

Creating Your Own Song with GarageBand

Campers can explore how to create their own song in this camp.

They’ll learn rhythm basics, practice making beats, and experiment with Smart Instruments to create a melody in GarageBand for iPad. On the final day, Campers will celebrate their new skills by sharing their song with the group.

Designing Your Dream Park with iPad

Campers can learn design skills and mock-up an imaginary park for their community in this camp.

They’ll go on a short walk to gather inspiration and take photos of materials, colors, and textures. Then they’ll sketch their ideas in the Procreate app using iPad with Apple Pencil to bring their design to life. On the final day, they’ll present their park to the group. 

Coding Fundamentals and Programming Robots

Explore fun activities and learn how to code Sphero robots in this camp.

They’ll start with coding fundamentals like commands, loops, and functions, then use blocks of code to create a program using the Sphero Edu app for iPad. On the final day, Campers will program lights, sounds, and animations to tell their own story starring Sphero. 

Directing Your Own Movie with Clips and iMovie

Discover how to create fun video footage using just an iPad in this camp.

They’ll start with fundamentals of moviemaking like experimenting with camera shots in the Clips app and drawing ideas on storyboards in Keynote. On the final day, they’ll apply their skills to make a captivating movie trailer using iMovie, and they’ll celebrate their creations.

We're not going to lie, we're a tad jealous these camps are only open to kids.

The good news is Apple will be running family camps exclusively at the Dubai Mall Store throughout the summer months every weekend, for kids and their guardians around the interesting topic of

According to ITP.net topics for the family camps include "biomimicry in Design" empowering families to explore, design and create art, based on nature. These 90 minutes series will be highlighting a local artist every week and focus on how designers use influences from nature to improve their design.

Sounds pretty cool, we can't wait to check it out.

Registration for Kids Apple Camp and family camp for Summer 2019 starts on June 17th and you can register here.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.


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