18.06 2019 09:32h

Bella Hadid Issues Apology Tweet in Arabic

Here's why #BellaHadidIsRacist was trending on Twitter
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When it comes to communicating online, it's easy for messages (and images and videos) to be misconstrued by a reader (or viewer).

We've all had friends mis-read Whatsapps (that potentially might have led to unnecessary drama); when you're a celebrity with an international following, however, the consequences are a bit more severe than the silent treatment from your bff. 

Unfortunately, supermodel and mega-influencer Bella Hadid (@bellahadid) found out the hard way how seriously something could be taken out of context when she shared a snap of her boot with her followers on Instagram a few days ago.

According to CNN "... on Sunday, Hadid posted a photo on her Instagram Story of her foot facing a trio of airplanes, one being a UAE plane and the other a Saudi plane. From the angle of the photo, some felt it looked like she was kicking the flags that are painted on the planes' tails."


Twitter users apparently felt insulted and soon #BellaHadidIsRacist started trending on the micro-blogging platform.

Hadid issued an apology on her Twitter account in both Arabic and English, explaining how the photo was not meant to be offensive and how she is proud of her Arabic heritage.

"I would never want my posts or platform to be used for hate against anyone, especially those of my own beauty & powerful heritage," Hadid said.

"I love and care so much about the Muslim and Arab side of my family, as well as my brothers and sisters throughout the world." 

Hadid also posted the apology on her Instagram Stories.

According to Arabian Business, Hadid is the youngest daughter of Palestinian-American real estate tycoon Mohamed Hadid and former Dutch model Yolanda Hadid.

Whether or not you believe Hadid's apology is sincere, it's important to note how an "innocent" mindless action on a social media platform can cause big problems.

The moral of the story? Always be mindful of what you're posting and who you're interacting with on the various social networking platforms, and keep with local social media laws.

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.


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