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15 Indian YouTubers You Need To Watch Now!

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Not only has India brought us delicious food and rich culture, it has also given us binge-worthy YouTubers for our entertainment.

Whether it's cooking or comedy you're after, Indian creators know where it's at when it comes to creating engaging video content.

From comedians that will crack you up to motivational speakers and fashionistas, here are 7 Indian YouTubers you need to watch and subscribe to ASAP.

BB Ki Vines

With over 14 million subscribers, Bhuvan Bam definitely earns his place at the top of the list for his comedic channel “BB Ki Vines”.

He makes people laugh by making short videos imitating his family members and acting out different characters himself.

If you’re looking to kill some time with a bit of harmless comedy, make sure you check out his channel.


Calling all the ladies on here! Who doesn’t love binge watching fashion and beauty vloggers on YouTube when they have nothing to wear? While you’re at it, make sure to check out Megha’s channel Perkymegs for tips on fashion, makeup, beauty, and lifestyle.

The Delhi vlogger is almost at 400K subscribers now; with her most popular videos being on styling a kurti and scarf so be sure to check her out.

Darshit Nayak

Get your Bollywood music fix of the day by listening to Darshit Nayak’s covers on Youtube. The musician with over 800K subscribers on YouTube has released videos covering popular Bollywood songs that have reached millions of views with the most popular reaching 2.3 million.

Give the talented guy a chance and check out his channel.


People love watching videos of YouTubers playing video games. Whether it is live or posted three years ago, they are guaranteed to attract a following and that is what Carry Minati did.

The gamer has reached over 2 million subscribers playing a number of different video games including Battleground and God of War. If that’s something you’re into, take a look at his videos.

Zakir Khan

Another comedian on the list that will get you to crack up at your school, Zakir Khan. The stand-up comedian gained attention when he won Comedy Central India’s third best Stand Up Comedian.

You can find his stand-up comedy sketches all on his channel where has gained 4 million subscribers so far. 


Prajakta Koli is at 3.9 million followers and the reasons to why people love her are simple: her charm and her relatable videos like “Types of friends before exams” and “Types of people in college.”

Prajakta has also focused a lot on mental health by starting campaigns like #CreatorsForChange.

Take a look at her videos if you feel like you can relate.

Gaurav Chaudhary

Last but not least, the Dubai-based Indian YouTuber, Gaurav Chaudhary who makes a living making videos about technology in Hindi. Gaurav started his channel by posting videos reviewing products and now he does everything from entertainment to success talks.

For some educational entertainment, make sure to check out his channel.

Shreya Jain

From skincare and makeup hacks to Met Gala lookalike tutorials, you will not be disappointed with Shreya Jain’s channel. The beauty vlogger has reached over 500K subscribers for her DIY tutorials.

If you need some tips for a fancy night out look, make sure to check her out.

Ashi Khanna

This Tik Tok superstar is not only known for her viral short videos, but also for doing challenges and vlogs on her YouTube. Her 135K subscribers have seen her try everything from letting Instagram followers control her life for a day to a vlogging her vacation in Bali.

Keep up with the eventful life of Ashi Khanna and subscribe to her channel for more.

Dhwani Bhatt

The words “living your best life” have never fit more than trying to describe the life of Dhwani Bhatt. This YouTuber takes her 139K subscribers with her as she vlogs a day in her life at a luxurious apartment in Mumbai to partying on a yacht. She also does lifestyle videos on makeup and eating habits.

If you’d like to start getting your life together, Dhwani’s channel is a good place to start.

Rinkal Soni

With over 2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, Rinkal Soni is definitely the one to look out for your beauty and makeup hack needs. This beauty vlogger teaches everything from cute summer hairstyles Eid makeup tutorials.

Expand your beauty routine by going over to Rinkal’s channel for some top advice.

Gia Kashyap

There’s window shopping, then there’s online window shopping, and finally, there’s watching another person film a haul of all the products they’ve bought on the internet. Gia Kashyap’s growing channel at 6K subscribers is earning a positive response for her fashion tips and hauls as well as quick and easy makeup tutorials.

If you’re unsure of what clothing item you need to buy next, go over to her channel and get some advice.

Roshni Bhatia

For all the new mothers and family/marriage orientated women out there, Roshni Bhatia’s channel will be sure to make you smile. Bhatia shares some of her heart-warming family life to her 264K subscribers by doing husband tags and videos with her son. She also does lots of makeup and skincare videos.

Whether you’re looking for some beauty or family advice, be sure to give her channel a chance.

Komal Pandey

Not only is Komal Pandey a talented beauty vlogger at 793K subscribers, she is also focused on fashion that revolves mostly around Indian culture. Some of her most viewed videos include her favourite sarees, modest clothing and wearing a Lehenga.

Go over to her channel if you’re looking for some ideas on what to wear to your next family gathering.

Nitibha Kaul

For all of you recent graduates or young adults looking for jobs, Nitibha Kaul gives some great job interview advice and tricks on her channel. 

Nitibha has gained a following of 194K subscribers by doing a range of videos including song covers, job interview tips, makeup routines, and much more.

To learn more about getting into the real world, go over to her channel.

What are your thoughts? Did we forget your favourite Indian YouTuber? Let us know in the comments below.

Image credit: YouTube. Written by Reem Makari.


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