15.02 2020 21:00h

5 Instagram Marketing Mistakes Content Creators Need to Stop Making Now

Are you guilty of doing this?
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Influencers and content creators make so many mistakes on Instagram. So many.

And while it’s important to create and upload topnotch content, there’s a lot more to the influencing game than just sharing videos, photos and Stories.

We’ve rounded up some of the most common mistakes content creators are making in 2019, when it comes to their Insta-skills.

Have A Strategy

You have to enter with a game plan. There are millions of other influencers out there, so you need to show users why you’re different and what makes your content special, especially in 2019.

Sticking with a set strategy and having a strong brand identity will establish your account's "personality." (Read our article here for more in-depth tips on how to tell your story.)

By strategizing, you can also set up goals for yourself based on what your Page is about; are you looking to make money? Then you need to work on increasing your sales. Trying to raise awareness about something? Focus on expanding your following.

If you go in with a specific plan it’s easier to manage, track and achieve progress.

Forget Irrelevant Content

Once you’ve established who you are, the worst thing you can do for yourself is post content that is not related to your image at all.

Sometimes Instagrammers post content that is trending to quickly gain followers even though it has nothing to do with your other posts. Don’t be one of them.

It dilutes the impact of your actual brand and may cost you followers if they feel you are scattered, or worse, viral…

Be Smart About Hashtags

You probably already know hashtags are a great way to put your posts on the map, get you more exposure and streamline content. But are you making the most of them?

Learn to not use basic ones like #girl because chances are, there are millions of posts like that and yours is going to get lost in them.

Tailor your hashtags specifically to what your post is about. Think about what other posts you want to be associated with, and consider keeping a running thread through your photos.

Spammy-Style Comments: Don't Do It

We're not referring to the comments your folowers drop on your posts (although you might want ot delete those), we’re actually talking about the comments YOU leave.

This means on others’ posts, your captions, or your responses on your posts.

If you post broken links or leave generic, spammy comments like “Hey, check out my page…” you’re probably going to leave your followers (and other users) feeling a bit annoyed.

If you have a virtual assistant or social media manager managing your account on your behalf, make sure they're interacting with other users in an authentic way.

Remember, every way you (or your account) engages with others on Instagram is representative of you and your account.

Don't Forget About Direct Messages

We’re giving you the green light to slide into the DM’s… of businesses!

DMs give you the opportunity to reach out to brands about possible collaborations and if they’re interested they can easily access your profile to get a sense of who you are.

It’s also a far more immediate form of contact; no one likes responding to a sea of emails.

You can also use DMs to individually communicate with some of your followers. This would add a personal touch for your supporters and you could benefit by asking what kind of content they already like, and what they’d like to see. 

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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