20.02 2020 10:35h

The 6 Most Instagrammable Cafés in Mumbai

Next time you need your caffeine fix, be sure to check out one of these coffee shops in Mumbai
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We've shown you some of the most beautiful locations, from picture-perfect restaurants in Dubai to the most photogenic hotels in London.

Now the time has come for Mumbai’s café culture to take the spotlight. 

Whether you’re with a group of friends or exploring on your own, order a big cup of coffee and slice of cake, pull out your phone and get ready to post on all your social media!

Le 15 Café (@le15india)

The definition of delicate and elegant, Le 15 Café is the answer to all your pastel dreams.

Choose from a selection of macarons decorated with rainbow sprinkles, or indulge in a plate of eggs benedict for breakfast.

Did I mention you can even order your wedding cake from this café?

Leaping Windows (@leapingwindows)

While pictures of a delicious-looking dish thrive on Instagram, did you consider the ambience of the restaurant?

Leaping Windows is the comic book fan’s ultimate dream. The café is packed with shelves full of Japanese manga, Marvel, DC, and so many more!

Grandmama’s Café (@grandmamascafe)

There’s nothing in this world more comforting than the smell of your grandmother’s homemade meals and a warm cup of tea.

Grandmama’s Café perfectly recreates these fond childhood memories.

The café is painted in splashes of bright blue and decorated with framed art pieces and antiques. Their butter chicken is a must-try and their hot chocolate is a hit.

Be sure not to miss out on this place, just be careful to keep it secret from your real grandmother.

You don’t want her getting jealous.

La Folie Lab

Brunch anyone? From fluffy omelettes to buttery croissants, La Folie Lab might just become your new favourite breakfast place.

This café gets an A+ for presentation with their elegantly plated breakfasts and desserts.

Café Mondegar

This is perhaps one of the most famous cafés on this list, best known for Indian cartoonist Mario Miranda’s exceptional murals.

Grab a burger and a drink with some of your friends for a chill hangout, and don’t forget to take a pic while you’re at it!

Salt Water Café (@saltwatercafe)

Quality and taste are the priority at Salt Water Café for their customers - and it’s evident in every bite.

From bowls of thick mushroom soup to light mango cheesecakes, the European-inspired restaurant is sure to give you the fine-dining experience you’re looking for.

The hardest part is managing to snag a photo before devouring all the food.

Did we miss any of your favourite Instagrammable cafes in Mumbai? Let us in the comments below.

Written By Reem Makari.


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