03.07 2019 12:16h

Instagram Has Another (Super Cool) New Feature

As if polls, quizzes and countdowns weren't enough
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Instagram has just released a new sticker option that allows followers to start conversations about Stories.

If you put the sticker ‘Join Chat’ on your Story, your friends and followers will be able to request to join a Direct Message thread about the post.

Don’t want to let some pesky viewers intrude on a conversation? That’s all good, the original poster retains the authority to grant and deny access.

This update can be seen as a one-up on Instagram’s main competitor, Snapchat, as the latter does not yet have the ability to create a group conversation in response to Stories.

The chat sticker suggests Instagram’s interest to highlight their direct messaging feature more, but perhaps not to the extent of taking it into a whole new application.

As TechCrunch reports, Insta tested a standalone messaging app called Direct which expanded their communication aspect, but decided to shut down the project.

The sticker could prove useful especially to social media influencers as it could provide a platform for more personal communication between the influencer and their following.

We’re excited to see how this feature will be used!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Photo credit: The Verge


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