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9 British Foodies You Need To Follow on Instagram

Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver better watch their backs...
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Let's face it: when you're not posting, liking, and sharing Stories you’re looking up food recipes and videos on Instagram.

And if you're specifically searching for foodie inspo, you've come to the right place.

We've rounded up the top 9 British foodies on Instagram to satisfy your cravings while scrolling through the app.

Check them out below and let us know if we missed your favourites in the comments.

Melissa Hemsley (@melissa.hemsley)

Take a look at the inside of your fridge to fit and use all that food you were going to waste to make a delicious dinner.

Melissa Hemsley is a big believer in being more sustainable and wasting less food. The British Vogue columnist will have you turning leftovers into five star meals in no time!

Rhiannon Lambert (@rhitrition)

It’s #NoJunkJuly and that means getting your health in check and changing your bad eating habits. No more fast-food for dinner or midnight chocolates this month.

From green shakshuka breakfasts to delicious chocolate fig bars, Rhiannon will be your go to for nutritious recipes and ideas. Be sure to check her Instagram and podcast out.

Madeleine Shaw (@madeleine_shaw_)

The greatest pleasures in life can be something so simple and yet so very satisfying. I’m thinking comfort foods: sweet and sticky cinnamon buns, salty halloumi fries, and warm bowls of oatmeal.

Madeleine has got you covered for all simple family friendly meals that you can either make for yourself on a night in or for your whole family to enjoy.

Izy Hossack (@izyhossack)

At least 50% of anybody reading this is guilty of having an uncontrollable sweet tooth. If you’re going to waste all these calories, why not use them on a homemade delicious slice of cake?

Izy Hossack, author of Top with Cinnamon, is known for her simple yet so tasty homemade baked goods. Brownies, tarts, cookies, crumpets, whatever it is, it’s guaranteed to get your mouth watering.

Ian Haste (@hasteskitchen)

For fans of rustic plates full of lots of flavor and passion, Ian Haste’s page is the one to follow.

This chef and cookbook author is an expert in bringing out plates that are all about using the finest ingredients. One pan baked chicken sausages, beef brisket ragu, and chicken satay. Tip: don’t go through his Instagram page on an empty stomach.

Katie Pix (@thekatiepix)

Sometimes all you really need in your busy hectic lives are quick and easy 5 ingredients meals to end the day. With Katie Pix’s #recipetuesdays meals, you can do just that!

This start up blogger has found a creative way to make short stop motion Instagram videos for new easy recipes. Scrolling through these videos is never a bad way to spend the rest of the day.

Rosie Birkett (@rosiefoodie)

If there’s one thing foodie Insta stories are amazing it, it’s mastering the art of spending hours cooking up tasty plates of food and then still being able to take professional aesthetically pleasing photos of them to post.

Rosie Birkett is the lovable home cook to follow with her family friendly recipes of homemade pizzas and chicken pot pies. Definitely one to add to your Pinterest page!

KS Ate Here (@ks_ate_here)

For the foodies out there who are too lazy or too busy to try out recipes on their own and still have the love to eat, this is the insta page for you.

KS ate here posts the most mouthwatering pictures of cheesy burgers, spicy wings, and so much more that will make you hungrier than you already are. On the upside, all the restaurants are mentioned and you can go and experience it all on your own.

Michael Zee (@symmetrybreakfast)

Last but not least, to the ladies and lads who love to brunch: Michael Zee’s home-cooked Insta breakfast feasts!

We’re talking plates piled with fried eggs, bagels, French toast, to so something more new like huevos rancheros and Japanese style pancakes. Not your typical Saturday brunch go-to.

Did we miss any of your favorite British foodie accounts? Let us know in the comments!

Photo credit: Instagram. Written by Reem Makari.


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