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How it all went down at the 10th anniversary of the biggest video and content creating conference in the world
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VidCon celebrated its 10th birthday this past weekend in Anaheim, California.

Content creators and fans alike joined to celebrate the success of VidCon and YouTube as well as discuss where platforms have opportunities to improve and grow in the future.

Some of the biggest stars such as Liza Koshy (@lizakoshy), Brent Rivera (@brentrivera) and the whole crew of The Try Guys (@tryguys) headlined the event.

If you didn’t get a chance to head down to L.A., it’s no biggie, we got you covered for everything that went down.

Super Chat and Stickers

In the keynote speeches, YouTube introduced a few of its upcoming strategies for creators to make more money.

One of these initiatives is Super Chat, which enables users to highlight their comments during a live stream. According to YouTube, some streams have earned more than $400 a minute!

Part of this is the introduction of Super Stickers, which fans can purchase to use to react to their favourite YouTubers’ videos.

This lets them know exactly how they’re feeling about the content they’re putting out.

Learning Playlists

More and more people around the world are using YouTube as a serious, educational platform and the company is looking to enhance this aspect.

They are introducing specific playlists to aid learning where lessons are organised thematically and suggested videos are hidden to reduce distraction.

Lessons on professional skills such as Java and on academic fields such as physics and maths will be promoted initially.

Online Dangers and Mental Health Awareness

A less pleasant, but nonetheless pertinent topic that YouTuber Lindsay Ellis (@thelindsayellis) raised during her speech was the dangers that have arisen in recent years on social media platforms and mental health issues that users have developed.

She acknowledged the issues while pointing out the steps that networks, such as YouTube, have taken to crack down on abuse.

As well as this, her session provided the opportunity for a lot of YouTubers to share their experiences and difficulties while using the website and discuss ways to overcome and manage these.

Meet & Greets with Creators

Many fans got the opportunity to talk to and grab a photo with some of their favourite content creators! Check out this lucky fan who got a chance to meet YouTuber David Dobrik (@daviddobrik)…

TikTok Party next door?!

VidCon usually provides the best representation for YouTubers, but that didn’t mean stars of other platforms were going to be sidelined.

Just down the road from the Anaheim Convention Centre, TikTok was hosting its own party (exclusively for content creators, naturally.)

TikTokers with followings large and small queued hoping to get into this private party, as you can see in content creator Elixir’s (@elixirhere) vlog:

TikTok star Loren Gray (@loren) with the highest number of followers attended and even recorded a TikTok with Elixir!

What are your thoughts?? Let us know in the comments below. 

Photo credit: YouTube and Shutterstock.


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