17.07 2019 15:17h

7 Mini Fashionistas To Follow In 2019

The next generation of influencers? You decide!
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Just in case you were getting a bit too confident in your outfits and aesthetic, we’ve got a little slice of humble pie for you.

There are KIDS doing it better.

That’s right, these young style icons are bringing a whole new meaning to the term ‘micro-influencer’.

No matter what your taste, we’re sure you’ll get some awesome inspiration from these fashionistas of the future.

Or, at least, a whole lot of cuteness...

Scout De Silva (@scoutthecity)

At seven years old, New Yorker Scout De Silva has streetwear attitude for days. 

Her mom Sai documents her stylish dresses and gorgeous curls on their Instagram and have got us saying “mother and daughter goals!” Did we mention she has the cutest baby brother too?!

Ryan Secret (@ryansecret)

There must be something in the water because it seems that suave is in-built these days!

As well as showcasing his passion for fashion, eight year-old Ryan can already boast modelling for the Kardashian Kids clothing line.

Amelia & Bianca Fioriniello (@cissifio)

Mom Cissi runs this adorable Instagram page featuring her two daughters, Amelia and Bianca.

With their matching accessories and colour co-ordinated looks, these Swedish sweethearts show us that good taste definitely runs in the family.

Alonso Mateo (@luisafere)

Not only has little Alonso been serving look after look since he was a toddler (all faithfully chronicled by his mom Luisa), he is also a mini jet-setter!

He touches down in luxury locations across the world in perfectly composed outfits and oversized, black shades.

No pictures please.

COCO (@coco_pinkprincess)

Any list would be incomplete without eight year-old, trendsetter Coco.

It’s no surprise this gal from Harajuku pushes all boundaries with her eclectic ensembles. Coco is more stylish than most of us even now in our lives, let alone than when we were four feet tall...

Ivan G (@thegoldenfly)

Our next pick takes after his mother, designer Natasha Zinko with his natural flair in how he dresses; so much so, in fact, that he and his mom have a shared streetwear line, DUO.

Ivan is also set to drop an EP soon, so we’re expecting even more great things from him to come.

The Olive Girls (@justy_olive)

Rocking the soft girl aesthetic is Mama Justine and her daughters, who seem to multiply the deeper you get into their feed!

Being able to raise one stylish kid is an accomplishment in itself but having three stylish little girls is truly awesome.

Did we miss your favourite kidswear influencer? Let us know in the comments below.

Image credit: Instagram.


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