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Why is everyone suddenly ageing 50 years?!
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If you have a social media account on any platform and Internet access, we’re sure you’ve been swamped with Stories and posts of your friends looking way older than they should.

Enter the viral #FaceAppChallenge.

FaceApp is back on the radar with its newest aging feature.

Most users have used this feature to age themselves but you can also turn back the clock, much like Snapchat’s AR baby filter.

The app uses AI photo editing technology which enables users to toggle how old they look, try out different hair styles, experiment with eye colours and more!

Influencers and content creators are leading this challenge on social media; here are some of our favourites!

Peter Barron (@peterbarron13)

Narins Beauty (@narins_beauty)

Mo Vlogs (@movlogs)

Ahmed Al Nasheet (@dvlzgame)

Saygin Yalcin (@sayginyalcin)

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Would you still follow me? #SayGang

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Try out the fun features for yourself; download FaceApp on the App Store, and on Google Play!

What do you think of FaceApp? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo credit: TechCrunch


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