27.02 2020 09:35h

Best Practices: Uploading Video Content To Facebook

Everything you NEED to do when uploading video content to the social networking platform
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In this new series, we cover the best practices when it comes to sharing content across your favourite social media platforms. With the rise of video content acorss nearly every platform, we're kicking it off with sharing and uploading videos to Facebook. 

As part of Facebook's 22 new Blueprint Training Modules, the platform has released a checklist all content creators should keep in mind when uploading videos to the platform.

The segment is one of twelve in their larger Blueprint course “Publish, Connect and Monetize on Facebook and Instagram.”

Whether you’re a seasoned videographer or completely new to the game, check out these tips and ask yourself the following questions before uploading your next video to Facebook.

Is it actually a video?

Avoid posting a slideshow of pictures, just text or looped videos on Facebook. While this may have worked in the past with the rise of high-quality production and video on the platform it's best to post an actual video. 

Is it an appropriate length?

3+ minutes is the optimum length for video content on Facebook.

Is it mobile-friendly?

Make sure the first few seconds of your video grabs your viewers' attention. And don't forget to ensure it's vertically-formatted before uploading. 

Does it meet the appropriate technical specifications?

Check your resolution, and make sure your video has a bit rate of 4000 Kbps and that it's 30 frames-per-second.

Make sure it doesn't include engagement bait.

Be wary of pressuring your Facebook friends and followers to falsely engage with your content by including a title or caption that is clickbait-y, but has nothing to do with the content. The platform has been cracking down on clickbait throughout the past few years.

Try to uses both sounds and captions.

This will help your video appeal to a wider audience, especially if there are viewers who want to watch your video on silence.

Is it authentic content?

Post original content and not just re-iterations of others' work. 

Is it searchable?

Use a clear title, tag the video and make sure it has catchy graphics when relevant.

Does it respects intellectual property?

Watch out for copyrights, trademarks and legal rights!

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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