22.07 2019 16:13h

Expensive Tastes Challenge: How To Detect A Liar

Layla Akil is back on this episode!
Expensive Tastes, Layla Akil, YouTube, How To Spot A Liar

In this episode, Layla Akil (@laylaakil) is back and she's going to show us something remarkable: how to detect a liar (or tell if someone is lying to you.)

As always with Expensive Tastes, there's a twist!

Watch Layla be under investigation for a "murder." Can you tell if she's lying? Check it out now on Expensive Tastes.

في هذه الحلقة من هوس الجمال، تعلّمنا ليلى عقيل كيفية كشف الكذب ولكن هي بنفسها تحت التحقيق بجريمة قتل! هل هي فعلاً القاتلة؟ شاركونا رأيكم وشوفوا الجواب في هذا الفيديو ...

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