28.02 2020 14:00h

6 (Absolutely Hilarious) Indian Entertainers You Need to Follow Now

You won't be able to stop laughing
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It’s summer time and you know what that means... cranking up the A/C (if you can't make it to the beach) and watching all your favourite online entertainers.

From classic stand up shows to relatable at home videos, here are six Indian entertainers you should be following right now for some serious laughs throughout the hotter months.

Abish Mathew (@abishmathew)

Abish Mathew is a comedian who’s done it all. From stand-up comedy to having his own talk show, Abish is definitely an entertainer to keep your eye on.

Son of Abish is a comedy talk show that that Abish created in 2015; since then it has gained rapid attention from online viewers. Two celebrity guests get invited to come on and engage in fun and games. Celebrities that have come on in the past include stand-up comedian Kenny Sebastian and famous actress Swara Bhaskar. 

MostlySane (@MostlySane)

Prajakta Koli is at four million followers and the reasons to why people love her are simple: her humour and her relatable videos like “Types of friends before exams” and “Types of people in college.”

Prajakta has also focused a lot on mental health by starting campaigns like #CreatorsForChange. Take a look at her videos if you feel like you can relate.

Anisha Richshawali (@ricksha_wali)

Nothing is more like ‘relatable comedy’ than recreating the everyday life of an average Indian household. Anisha Richshawali has done just that on her YouTube becoming a total hit online.

This girl-centric comedy channel subscriber count is at two million and it is not slowing down any time soon. Anisha’s videos have gone viral many times including her most popular one titled “Mom vs Daughter” reaching 13 million views. 

Dolly Singh

From talking about skinny shaming to going to your first waxing session, Dolly Singh bares it all on her YouTube channel. This growing channel with over 100 thousand subscribers gained a following by sharing intimate stories with the viewers. Oh and not to forget, the cutest and funniest videos to watch between Dolly and her mom.

Before you know it, you’ll be spending hours in front of your laptop watching one story time video to the next. 

Kenny Sebastian (@kennethseb)

You can get lost for hours binge-watching this entertainer’s stand up shows on YouTube. What Kenny Sebastian delivers is in simple words: comedic genius. Touching on real life situations and delivering it with a killer sense of humor.

Just scroll through the comments for five minutes and you will see exactly why people are in love with this comedian. After watching a few of his videos, it’s too hard not to be.

Be YouNick (@beyounick)

This entertainer has made a living on his YouTube channel taking every day relatable situations and giving them a comedic spin. His most famous series: “That ONE friend…” covering everything from lazy friends Bakchod friends.

This channel has gained over three million subscribers to date and it deserves it purely for the amount of effort and work going in to each video. 

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

Photo credit: MostlySane. Written by Reem Makari.


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